Only 23 minutes are remaining until the Tournament of Power in “Dragon Ball Super” concludes. With the turn of events shown in the previous episodes, fans are now more curious on how the remaining events will unfold. During the first half of the tournament, a couple of universes were destroyed because all their fighters were eliminated from the tournament. The popular anime series also showcased Jiren the Gray’s unbelievable god-like power that defeated the fan-favorite Saiyan from Universe7.

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Goku was also featured unlocking the Ultra-Instinct Omen, which was triggered by the intense fight with the strongest Pride Trooper.

New theory

On the “Dragon Ball Supersubreddit on Reddit [VIDEO], fans have been sharing their predictions on how the Tournament of Power will end.

One fan-theory claimed that the Tournament of Power would combine all the universes. It is worth noting that when the MVP of the tournament makes his wish, it will still be subject to the approval of the Omni-kings. Aside from that, the wish must also be spoken in the language of the gods. According to this theory, Goku will try to wish that all the erased universes would be resurrected through the super dragon balls. However, the Zenos might not approve his wish. This would make him settle into wishing all eight universes would be merged together as a loophole, which might get the Omni-Kings nod.

Planet Sadala

When this happens, other universes will be accommodated in Universe7. There will be a lot of spaces since Freeza destroyed many worlds at his days of destroying these planets during the Z era.

With the great possibility of Universe6 joining Universe7, there is a big chance for another arc about Saiyans soon. It is possible that Planet Sadala would be introduced. This would allow Universe7’s Saiyans to experience for themselves another Saiyan culture.

Episode 113

Meanwhile, a new set of spoilers [VIDEO] is now available for the upcoming episode of the popular anime series. It appears that fans will be seeing a fight between two Super Saiyan 3 warriors from Universe6 and Universe7. In the latest episode preview, Son Goku teased that he will show Caulifla and Kale his SSJ3 form. Fans are also anticipating that Caulifla will achieve another power0up in this episode. It is worth noting that she has previously asked Goku to teach her how to increase her power and the Saiyan from Universe7 gladly showed her how. Goku even quipped that she could go to higher power level if she wants to.

episode 113 of “Dragon Ball Super” will feature the crazy Saiyan fight of Goku against Universe6’s Caulifla and Kale. The episode is expected to air on October 29.