The one-hour special of “Dragon Ball Super” introduced one of the strongest fighters in the multiverse. Universe11’s Jiren the Gray give the fandom a glimpse of his unfathomable power when he defeated Goku even the Saiyan achieved its Ultra-Instinct form. Aside from that, Toei Animation and Bandai Namco also showed his power when he fought against the Legendary Assassin of Universe6—Hit. The Assassin’s Time-Skip and Cage of Time are no match against the power of the strongest Pride Trooper. Interestingly, the Manga of the popular anime series has recently confirmed the insane power level of this mysterious fighter.

Latest confirmation

The Manga of “Dragon Ball Super” recently confirmed the insane power level of Jiren. [VIDEO] According to the Manga, the strongest Pride Trooper is as strong as the gods of destruction.

On top of that, they made the overpowered warrior from Universe11 even more overpowered. It is worth noting that during Goku and Toppo’s fight the two warriors were having a small conversation. The team leader of the Pride Troopers mentioned something that seems to confirm about the power of Jiren.

Other details

Toppo bragged that Jiren the Gray is even stronger than Vermouth, the god of destruction of Universe11. Whiz, in one of his conversations even noted that the strongest Pride Trooper most probably has a power equal to a god of destruction. Before the one-hour special aired, Toei Animation updated their website and revealed Jiren’s insane power level. The site stated that the strongest Pride Trooper is at the same level of gods of destruction.

Previously, there were speculations in the community that there is a mortal in the tournament that is stronger than a god of destruction.

Whiz even told Goku about this and said that this is the same god that once beat Beerus. It appears that the rematch between Goku and Jiren will be more exciting with the recent revelation of Jiren’s power level.


Meanwhile, a new set of images from the scanned V-Jump magazine recently surfaced online. It shows a new image of Goku with his Ultra-Instinct. There is also another image revealing the fan-favorite Saiyan aiming to fire a massive Kamehameha Wave in his Ultra-Instinct form. If these images are any indication, then fans should look forward to the upcoming episodes of the anime series. Goku, in his perfect Ultra-Instinct and the overpowered-stronger-than-Vermouth-Jiren, is surely something that fans would not want to miss.

The next episode of “Dragon Ball Super” will air on October 22. It will showcase Cabba as he tries to fight other warriors to protect Universe6 [VIDEO] from total annihilation.