The latest chapter of the Dragon Ball Super” manga series has been finally released. The new chapter titled “Universe 11’s God of Destruction Candidate, Toppo” is a manga by Toyotarou and created by Akira Toriyama.

As usual, the new manga chapter revealed scenes that were not shown in the ongoing anime series, but nevertheless, fans were treated to an action-packed brawl between the gods. Unlike the anime series, the scenes in the manga are brutal, violent, and sometimes even come close to gory to emphasize how intense the battle scenes are in the panels.


Goku’s plea

Dragon Ball Super introduced countless new characters in its second and ongoing story arc, Universe Survival Saga. Among these new characters were the gods of destruction and the supreme kais of the 12 universes.

“Dragon Ball Super” Chapter 29 continued the sudden exhibition match that took place between the 12 gods of destruction. The abrupt battle royale took place after the Grand Priest willed it to happen, so that the Omni King from the future, who was from the previous Future Trunks arc, could see what an actual Tournament of Power was.

The gods had no choice but to participate in the fight, especially when the Grand Priest threatened to obliterate the ones who weren’t planning to take the battle royale seriously. The battle between the gods was a spectacular sight, which displayed various powers at colossal levels, but the two Omni Kings found it so boring to watch that they decided to stop it.

However, Son Goku overheard that the two Omni Kings were planning to cancel the actual Tournament of Power between the universes, so he decided to intervene. The Omni Kings agreed on the condition that Goku and Toppo fight instead.


Toppo‘s warning and Jiren’s real strength

Goku convinced the two Omni Kings and the Grand Priest that the actual Tournament of Power between the universes would be nothing compared to the battle of the gods because the former event would be between mortals. As a teaser to show how entertaining it would be to watch a battle between mortals, Goku and Toppo were pitted against each other.

In the previous chapter, Belmod revealed that the leader of the Pride Troopers, Toppo, was personally chosen by him to become Universe 11’s next God of Destruction.

Being a candidate, Toppo had powers equal to Belmod, and he even revealed these in his fight with Goku.

Goku eventually lost the fight against Toppo, even though he unleashed his fiver Super Saiyan transformations. However, “Dragon Ball Super” chapter 29 capped off with Toppo revealing that he was only the second strongest warrior in Universe 11.

The Pride Trooper revealed that Jiren was the strongest warrior in Universe 11 and that he even surpassed Belmod’s level. This confirmed further that Jiren was indeed the mortal they referred to who was stronger than a god of destruction, however, just because he was stronger than Belmod, it didn’t mean that Jiren surpassed the levels of the other gods.