"Dragon Ball Super" Manga Chapter 29 continues to show us the battle between the Gods of Destruction. If you recall, the Gods of Destruction are engaged in a battle to demonstrate what a martial arts tournament is to Future Zeno.

At the end of Manga Chapter 28, the God Of Destruction Vermouth attacks Sidra and remarks that only one of the 12 gods will be the winner of the tournament. The manga ends when Beerus and Quitela begin to fight and the latter comments that the battle is exciting, bothering Beerus.


Chapter 29 begins when Vermouth sends many waves of energy attacks toward all of the Gods of Destruction but they do not fight together in order to defeat Beerus since there can only be a single winner.


All of the Gods show their best techniques and abilities, Quitela defeats the Universe 1 God of Destruction then chooses Beerus as his next target. However, we were surprised to see the mysterious Daishinkan step in, ending their battle by stopping their attacks with a single finger. The end of the battle results in all of the Gods of Destruction badly injured with no clear winner declared.



  • The God of Destruction, Liquir, throws many waves of energy with his 9 tails and, apparently, a reference is made to the character Kurama of "Naruto Shippuden."
  • Jerez uses a bow, leading us to believe he is able to create weapons thanks to his powers.
  • The 12 angels enter the stage and heal their Gods of the Destruction, however, Vermouth was not badly hurt and he signals to Margarita that it is not necessary for her to heal his wounds.
  • The elephant god of Universe 10, casually harms some Supreme Kaioshin, this provokes the fury of the divine.
  • Toppo is faced with Goku and, according to the manga, Toppo seems to be more powerful than the main protagonist. Toppo then admits that Jiren is more powerful than the God of Destruction from Universe 11 and comments that Jiren is a righteous warrior who has never lost a battle.
  • Daishinkan is very powerful and with only one of his fingers stops Beerus and Quitela. Had the Daishinkan not interfered, surely one would have killed the other given both characters do not get along very well.

New movie in 2018?

A few days ago, a user bought the domain of a page called "Dragon Ball Super" 2018. As a result, the domain caught the attention of fans, making them think that a new movie will be released in 2018.


For now, there have been no confirmations of any release for next year.

The power tournament will probably end at the end of December this year.

This was the most recent news from the world of "Dragon Ball."Watch the video below to see the progress of the upcoming chapter of “Dragon Ball Super," which comes to us through some leaked information about this saga.