Another intense episode is waiting to unfold this weekend as the Tournament of Power in “Dragon Ball Super” is scheduled to air its 113th episode. The tournament has introduced to the community a variety of fighters in the Multiverse with their special abilities and techniques along with their unbelievable powers. Fans witnessed how Universe 11’s Jiren the Gray defeated the fan-favorite Saiyan with his god-like power. Goku also showcased the new achievement he unlocked that gave him unfathomable power, The Ultra-Instinct. While the upcoming fights are going to be more intense given that the tournament is now approaching its end, fans still wonder why flying is not allowed in the Tournament of Power.

Tournament rules

In the Tournament of Power of “Dragon Ball Super,” players are not allowed to use weapons [VIDEO]. Interestingly, the participating warriors are also prohibited from flying. One of the reasons could be related to another rule that if the player goes out of bounds of the tournament arena, he is automatically eliminated. However, there are several episodes in the popular anime series that underlines the need to prohibit the use of flight when fighting.

In the past episodes, it is interesting to note that the two Zenos have been asking the Grand Priest about things that they could not understand or keep track with. In fast-paced fights, the Omni-Kings would ask Daishinkan what happened. The Grand Priest even installed a slow-mo app in their godpads to make them see the action of fast-paced battles.

Despite being the gods of all and the most powerful beings in the entire Omniverse, the Zenos are not technically fighters. Thus, they have no ability to see or grasp the action when the fights are extra fast. This could be one of the reasons why the flight is not allowed in the Tournament of Power.


In the latest chapter [VIDEO]of the Manga, it was revealed that there was an exhibition match between the gods of destruction to demonstrate to the Zenos what the Tournament looks like. However, since the gods of destruction are high-level fighters, they have the unfathomable speed that is too complicated for the Omni-king to see and understand. This prompted the Grand Priest Daishinkan to cancel the tournament.

Upon hearing this, however, Goku tried to convince the powerful kings that if the battle would be participated in by mortals, it would be very different. It would be much slower and much easier to understand. They agreed to this and Daishinkan suggested that Toppo and Goku could fight without the use of flight. Moreover, because the Zenos loved the fight between the two mortals, the Tournament of Power will continue. That is one of the reasons why flight is not allowed in the tournament in “Dragon ball Super.