The last few hours, surprising new images of the one hour special of "Dragon Ball Super" chapter 109 have been revealed hours before it's premiere. This episode has been highly anticipated by the fans for months. We will, finally, see Goku attain his new transformation and many doubts regarding the powerful warrior, Jiren, will be cleared up.

A few moments ago, new images of Chapter 109 were released. These images show a closer look at the new transformation of Goku, the battle with Jiren, and other scenes. In addition to the images, the last chapter summary was revealed before the episode is released.

Official images

The first 2 pictures show scenes of Goku using his Genkidama attack. Yesterday, we could see that androids 17 and 18 will share their energy for this astonishing attack, and this image shows Goku gathering this energy.


After seeing Goku, we are shown Jiren, who looks calm, waiting to receive the attack.

In the following images, we can see Goku, in his new form, and Jiren. In the next scene, we observe that Jiren, Dyspo, and Toppo face Goku. At this time, we are uncertain as to why Toppo and Dyspo are participating in this match.

Final summary

With the tournament of power at its midway point, the gods of the universe 11 order Jiren to do away with Goku.


After this, the most powerful warrior in universe 11 joins the fray. Goku happily faces Jiren. However, the moment Jiren expels his energy, the other competitors feel suffocated by his astounding power. Even the God of Destruction, Beerus, is baffled by such a display of power.

Goku uses the Blue Super Saiyan and raises the Kaioken to its limits to challenge Jiren, but is useless against the astonishing power of the mighty Jiren. Everyone panics when all of Goku's techniques are nullified, and his defeat is imminent. When it seems Goku is beaten, an incredible never before seen energy emanates from Goku's damaged body.

As you can see, even Beerus will be amazed at the great power that Jiren possesses.


This is logical since yesterday it was confirmed that the power of Jiren is equal to the gods of destruction. Beerus's reaction is expected since there are not many characters who possess such an incredible battle power.

Finally, there is no explanation for how the new transformation of Goku is attained, but we hope that the chapter will provide an explanation to justify this new power. Everything indicates that Jiren will stop the Genkidama, but it is not confirmed that Goku absorbs the power from it. We will have to wait to see the new chapter to get an explanation.