A new preview for Episode 113 of “Dragon Ball Super” is available now. It reveals the intense fight between Universe6’s Caulifla and Goku. In the previous episodes, Goku was shown barely able to stand. His energy was depleted from his previous fight with Jiren the Gray where he unlocked the Ultra-Instinct. The series of techniques and power-ups that the fan-favorite Saiyan did in the previous episodes consumes all his energy. Interestingly, the latest trailer shows him fighting again, this time with the Saiyans of Universe6.

New preview

Toei Animation [VIDEO] recently released a new preview for Episode 113 of “Dragon Ball Super.” It is a brief 30-second trailer showing Goku fighting in his base form against a stronger and more powerful Caulifla.

There are several scenes where the fan-favorite Saiyan from Universe7 is seen flying across the screen and landing on the ground. It appears that Caulifla is giving him a tough fight. Beerus, Universe7’s god of destruction is also shown covering his eyes. Most likely, the deity knows that the fight is very dangerous for his fighter since he is weak and has not fully recovered from his previous battle.

Conserving energy

In the earlier synopsis [VIDEO] released for the upcoming episode, it was revealed that Caulifla saved Goku from three robot fighters of Universe3. After that, she proposed that the fan-favorite Saiyan fight her. Despite being weak and conserving energy, Goku agreed and said that he will only fight in his base form. He is planning to increase his energy as the fight drags.

This could be one of the many reasons why Goku is shown in the preview receiving most of the attacks thrown towards him by Caulifla.

There are several speculations that Kale’s mentor will achieve a new power level in this fight and will reach Super Saiyan 3. It is worth noting that in the previous episodes, Caulifla personally asked Goku to teach her how to power up. The Saiyan from Universe7 obliged and was amazed to see how fast she learned the process.

It was also revealed in the previous spoilers that Caulifla felt that she is at the losing end in her fight and asked for Kale’s help. Her protégé agreed and joined the fight. In the last part of the preview, Goku is shown powering up and can be heard in the background that he is going to show the Saiyan girls Super Saiyan 3.

Episode 113 of “Dragon Ball Super” is titled “With Great Joy, the Repeat Battle, Crazy Saiyan Fight.” It is scheduled to air on October 29.