After the one-hour special of “#Dragon Ball Super,” there are only 25 minutes remaining before the Tournament of Power finally ends. The latest leaked titles and summaries for the upcoming episodes of the popular anime series appear to be hinting at a list of epic battles between powerful fighters from participating universes. This made fans wonder if the tournament is nearing its end.

Given the rate of each episode, it seems that it consumes two or three minutes from the Tournament of Power’s time. When episode 111 ends, there will be 22 or 23 minutes left until the tournament culminates. Here is a rundown of episodes that hints at the culmination of the tournament.

Episode 111

This is the episode of “Dragon Ball Super” following the epic fight between Goku and Jiren.

According to the leaked summaries and titles, [VIDEO] the episode will showcase the surreal showdown between the Assassin Hit and Jiren the Gray. According to the leaked summary, Goku, in this episode has already depleted his energy because of his fight with Jiren. Fans will see the Legendary Assassin enter the scene to take out the strongest Pride Trooper. In the preview and in the spoilers that followed, it is revealed that Hit’s attacks will have no effect on Jiren. Surprisingly, even his Time-Skip could not work against the fighter.

Vegeta’s Resolve

After Hit and Jiren battle it out, Vegeta and Cabba will steal the spotlight in Episode 112. The summary reveals that the Tournament of Power is nearing its end and Cabba is fighting for Universe 6. He is engaged in a tough fight against the Super High-Speed Monna of Universe 4.

When he is about to get eliminated, the Prince of all Saiyans surprisingly saves him. Moreover, Vegeta tells him to fight like a Saiyan. Seeing this scene, Frieza is not amused. Will this episode bring Freiza [VIDEO]back to the spotlight?

Fighting Maniac Saiyans

Episode 113 will be Caulifla and Kale’s turn to take the spotlight. Caulifla will ask Goku to fight for her after other warriors from participating universes surround the weakened Saiyan. Goku takes Caulifla’s invitation but explains that he cannot power up into Super Saiyan because of his energy. He plans to increase his power as the fight progresses.

Episode 114

This is the continuation of the battle between Goku and Caulifla with Kale joining the scene. The summary reveals that as Kale joins the battle, it appears that Goku’s attacks overwhelm her. She then unleashes her newly mastered Berserker form. The episode is titled “Ghastly, Explosive Birth of a New #Super Warrior.” Is Kale reaching another level of her power? Is the title referring to Caulifla fully reaching a new power level? Is it referring to Goku who has fully perfected the Ultra-Instinct and gives birth to a new form?

The excitement continues as the Tournament of Power progresses in “Dragon Ball Super.” Episode 111 will air on October 15. #Dragon Ball Super Spoilers