The fandom of “Dragon Ball Super” has been talking about the new form of Goku long before the Tournament of Power started. Fans have come up with several names for the fan-favorite Saiyan’s new form. Some call it the Limit-Breaker form, citing that he was able to get pass through his limits. When this new form was showcased during the one-hour special, there was a bit of confusion in the community since the team behind the popular anime series did not specify if Ultra-Instinct is a form, a state, a transformation, or just a power.

New information

Fortunately, a new set of information [VIDEO] recently surfaced online, which appears to confirm that Ultra-Instinct is the Saiyan’s new form in “Dragon Ball Super.” On Twitter, the ever-reliable Herms98 shared new promo merchandise from “Dragon Ball Heroes.” The renowned anime content creator translated the Japanese texts into English.

The poster state that in “DBH,” the much-talked-about Ultra-Instinct is Goku’s new form. Moreover, it reveals that it is called Ultra-Instinct Omen.

The poster shows Goku surrounded with a white and bluish aura. In one image, the fan-favorite Saiyan appears to be preparing to fire a massive Kamehameha. This is the same image that was previously leaked by anime content creator and source of spoilers, GovetaXV. The other image shows that same pose but without the massive ball of Ki coming out of the Saiyan’s hands.


After the one-hour special, which featured the epic battle between two of the most powerful fighters in the Multiverse, fans are expecting that there will be a rematch.

After fighting with the Legendary Assassin from Universe6, Jiren the Gray retired from fighting and subjected himself to meditation. On the other hand, Frieza gave Goku some of his energy to pay off his long standing debt and to keep the Saiyan going. He is set to fight against Caulifla and Kale of Universe6 in the upcoming episodes. Fans believe that it is Jiren’s way of regaining his lost energy, while fighting is Goku’s way to increase his stamina. It appears that both are conserving their respective energy for a rematch.

The latest promo merchandise [VIDEO] could be the confirmation of the official name of the fan-favorite Saiyan’s new form. Fans are looking forward that Goku will be able to master his new form to defeat the strongest Pride Trooper. Meanwhile, the Vegeta and Toppo are anticipated to fight in the next episode of “Dragon Ball Super.” Will the Prince of all Saiyans eliminate the team leader of the Pride Trooper?