Episode 113 of “Dragon Ball Super” aired today and showcased the battle between two Super Saiyan 2 fighters. With only 22 minutes remaining before the Tournament of Power, fans are excited to see what the team behind the popular anime series has in store for them.

Toei Animation recently released a new preview for the upcoming episode that stunned the fanbase. It opened a lot of possibilities for the upcoming episodes and also confirmed previous rumors. One of these possibilities is the return of the warrior Vegito.

Potara Earrings

The latest episode preview of “Dragon Ball Super” debuted Kefura.


The super warrior has been the subject of many speculations in the community. She is shown in the trailer sporting a Potara Earring which means a lot to the hardcore fans of the series. Potara Earrings enable its two users to fuse with each other. This accessory was first introduced during the Majin Buu Saga. These powerful earrings have given birth to the Old Kai, Kibito Kai, Vegito, and now Kefura.

The only drawback about the Potara earrings is that the fusion is permanent for Supreme Kai. It is only temporary for two fusees who are non-Supreme Kais.

Another feature of the fusion made from these earrings is that the character who is much stronger will have the control of the fusion. In the event that both characters have the same powers, the fusion will be controlled by both.

Powerful Vegito

Even before the start of the Tournament of Power, fans have been talking about the possible appearance of Vegito in the tournament. However, this speculation has been scrapped by many because it goes against the rule of the tournament. The rule restricts the use of any weapon or accessories.


The appearance of the Potara Earrings in the latest preview means that an exception may be made by the Omni-Kings. As far as the rules in the Tournament of Power, the gods of all will still have the last say.

The appearance of Ultra-Instinct Vegito in the tournament is highly likely. While fans might not be able to see him fight against Kefura, it is possible that he will appear after Vegeta is defeated by Jiren the Gray which would allow their match will take place. Ultra-Instinct Vegito is a guaranteed way for Universe7 to win.

However, there are many twists that will happen as the tournament progresses. As of now, it is too soon to predict who will be fighting who.

Fusion and Vegito fans are looking forward to seeing the Ultra-Instinct Vegito fight against Jiren the Gray in “Dragon Ball Super.” Meanwhile, you can check out the latest preview of Episode 114 below.