The one-hour special of “Dragon Ball Super” aired on October 8 and left fans wanting more. The back-to-back episodes have been hyped up with massive spoilers and previews released almost every day. It turns out the two-part event lived up to the hype and even exceeded fans’ expectations. Apart from showcasing the intense battle between two of the most powerful fighters in the multiverse, the one-hour special also debuted the new form that the fandom has been talking about for months.

In addition, the two-part event revealed many interesting details about several fighters in the Tournament of Power. This includes Jiren the Gray and his reason for wanting the dragon balls.

Back-to-back episodes

The one-hour special of “Dragon Ball Super’ started with Jiren surprising and impressing fighters and spectators with his astounding Ki. Before he went to fight Universe 7’s Son Goku, Universe 11’s god of destruction Vermoud telepathically gave him the go signal to take out the Saiyan and leave the smaller fries. Like a pep talk before a super fight, Toppo, the team leader of the Pride Troopers told Jiren to fight for his heart’s desire to get the dragon balls and have his wish granted.

This was one of the interesting details that were revealed in the one-hour special. If you watched the two-part event [VIDEO]earlier today, you will know that Jiren the Gray is technically overpowered. As a mortal, there was a wide gap, in terms of power, between him and Goku before the Saiyan achieved the Ultra-Instinct.

Toppo’s pep talks to Jiren about getting his wish granted through the dragon balls left fans wondering.

Given Jiren’s power, which was previously revealed to be of the same level as the gods of destruction, what could the fighter be possibly wishing for? This led the fandom to speculate as to the potential reasons for Jiren making a wish.

New theory

Anime writer Thomas MacDonald [VIDEO] said that Jiren’s wish could about getting his race back. This theory is that Jiren is the last of his kind and the only way to get his race back is by wishing it from Shenron. The writer also toys with the idea that it is also possible that there was a catastrophic event that happened that terribly damaged Universe 11. The Pride Troopers as the mighty arms of justice would not want this event to happen to other universes.

While the theories presented are possible, they appear to be too good to be true. In one of the past episodes, Toppo was heard saying to his teammates to cut the hypocrisy out about fighting for justice. Aside from that, his pep talk to Jiren before engaging in the fight sounds like the wish is personal to Jiren.

Is it possible that Jiren is a prisoner of Universe 11? Could he be Vermoud’s slave bound to serve him forever and the only way to get out and gain his freedom is by wishing it from Shenron? Meanwhile, Episode 111 of “Dragon Ball Super” is scheduled to debut on October 15. It will feature the surreal fight between Hit and Jiren.