The one-hour special of “Dragon Ball Super” as well as Episode 111 reveals the unfathomable power of Universe 11’s Jiren the Gray. His ability to withstand the Genki-dama and the new Ultra-Instinct form of Goku reflects his unbelievable strength and power. This was further highlighted by his surreal fight with Universe 6’s Legendary Assassin Hit. The strongest Pride Trooper shattered Hit’s Cage of time and even sends the fighter out of the Tournament of Power. Interestingly, there is a theory that claims to know the basis of Jiren’s unfathomable power.

New theory

Fans have been talking about the many possibilities of how Jiren the Gray achieved unbelievable power.

Among numerous speculations and theories, one claims that the strongest Pride Trooper [VIDEO] of Universe 11 was once a god of destruction. The fighter is believed to be a god who stepped down from his throne. Later, his universe was destroyed and he came to Vermouth and was assigned to be one of the Pride Troopers. This could possibly explain why the fighter has tremendous power and unfathomable strength.

This theory also suggests that gods can give up their roles or pass it to other beings. Earlier spoilers revealed that Vermouth was training Toppo to be the next god of destruction for Universe 11. Whiz also mentioned something related to this theory when Vegeta asked the Kaioshin to mentor and train him.

Episode 112

Meanwhile, the synopsis [VIDEO]for episode 112 is already available.

According to the synopsis, other fighters from participating universes will go after Universe 6 since their ace fighter Hit was already eliminated in the Tournament of Power. Cabba will lead the team, since the Legendary Assassin tasked him to protect and fight for their universe. The synopsis also reveals that Cabba will be in a tough fight against a super high-speed warrior named Monna.

While on the brink of being eliminated, the young Saiyan from Universe 6 was saved by Vegeta. The Prince of all Saiyans told him to fight like a Saiyan. The earlier synopsis states that Vegeta told Cabba to fight in order to become MVP. Frieza saw this happen and was not amused.

There are several speculations claiming that Frieza might eliminate Cabba from the Tournament of Power. It is known in the fandom that Frieza hates Saiyans. Most likely, the supervillain from Hell has a grand plan and witnessing Vegeta saving an opponent might be a threat to his plans. Episode 112 of “Dragon Ball Super” is scheduled to air on October 22.