The much-awaited one-hour “Dragon Ball Super” special is just a few hours away. There has been so much hype about the upcoming back-to-back-episodes as it marks as the highlight of the Tournament of Power. Fans have been talking about the epic fight between Jiren the Gray and Son Goku, which will be featured in the two-part event. It also boasts on showcasing the new form and technique of the fan-favorite Saiyan.

Since the spoilers have been hinting on Goku not being able to defeat Jiren despite powering up to Super Saiyan Blue Kaioken x20 and throwing a massive ball of Genki Dama, fans are trying to figure out the power level of his opponent. Fortunately, new information about Jiren the Gray’s real power level is now revealed.


New character info

Toei Animation recently updated its website and revealed new information about several characters of the hit anime series “Dragon Ball Super.” In the past, fans were speculating on the real power level of Jiren the Gray based on spoilers. There was no official information from the team behind the anime series on how powerful the strongest Pride Trooper is.

The new update from Toei Animation gives fans a definite answer on the rank of Jiren the Gray in the Tournament of Power based on power scaling. The company also altered its description about Toppo, another fighter of Universe11 and the Team Leader of the Pride Troopers.

Jiren’s description

As stated in the description published by Toei, Jiren is the strongest fighter of Universe 11. He is described as a fighter who talks less, acts cool, and takes pride of his insane strength. The description goes further saying that his true power reaches the god of destruction level. The speculation claiming that he is stronger than the gods of destruction is now abolished. The new description clearly states that his power is relative to that of the gods of destruction and not beyond.



Aside from Jiren, the website appears to have altered the description of Toppo. If you check on the site now, it no longer claims that the Pride Trooper is strong enough to pass as a candidate for a god of destruction. In the manga, it was revealed that Toppo is supposedly the next candidate that will replace Vermouth when the god retires.

This new information about Jiren and Toppo’s power level underscores that the team behind the anime series has made several changes to its characters along the way.

It is possible that it was Toppo who was originally intended to fight Goku and not Jiren.

Meanwhile, the two-part event of “Dragon Ball Super” is scheduled to air on October 8. It will be a one-hour special that will feature Episodes 109 and 110.