The much-touted epic fight in “Dragon Ball Super” will take place next week. It will showcase the intense battle between two of the most powerful fighters of the multiverse, Universe7’s Goku and Universe11’s Jiren the Gray. Aside from that, the two-part event will also reveal Goku’s new form.

While fans are preoccupied about the Saiyan’s new form, a new set of spoilers reveal that Jiren will not be affected by Goku’s Super Saiyan Blue with Kaioken 20 times. Fans now are starting to speculate about the true power of Jiren the Gray.

Stronger than Fused Zamasu

There are lots of theories now about Jiren the Gray’s power. Some fans even tried speculating about his origin to determine what the fighter is made of.


Others believe that his power comes from the god of destruction Belmond. Some others think he is older than Hit and his fighting skill improves as he grows older.

However, there is a new theory making rounds recently that could be an interesting turning point of the Universe Survival Arc. This theory claims that Jiren could be stronger than Fused Zamasu. The character was the toughest problem of Goku and Vegeta. With this version, it has the immortality of Zamasu and the super powerful strength of Black, which emulates the Saiyan’s power.

With the fusion, even the combined power of the Prince of all Saiyans and Goku could not even scratch Fuzed Zamasu. Interestingly, when the Saiyans fused and gave birth to Vegito Blue, things changed. Only Vegito Blue can fight the powerful character during that particular timeline. This theory has a massive implication in the tournament.


SSB Vegito

With everything on the line, any fighter would risk everything to save the universe from being erased, especially if they have the chance to do it. If Jiren is more powerful than Fused Zamasu, the only option that Universe7 could do is a fusion. This might also be connected to the provisional title the series’ upcoming episode.

According to the provisional titles, Episode 112 is titled “Vegeta’s Resolve.” This could mean the Prince of all Saiyans making up his mind to do a fusion with Goku using the Potara earrings. The only way to defeat an opponent stronger than Fused Zamasu is to give him a fighter that can at least equal his strength. In the franchise, that would only mean giving birth to SSB Vegito.

While this theory appears to be technically illegal because of the Potara earrings, it might be allowed by the Omni-Kings.


When Muten Roshi used the Mafuba Jar, the Zenos allowed it. Seeing the fusion, the Omni-Kings might find it cool and neat and might let it happen.

There are lots of things to look forward to in the upcoming episodes of “Dragon Ball Super.” The one-hour special is scheduled to air on October 8, 2017.