While waiting for the ultimate epic fight between Goku and Jiren in the upcoming one-hour special of "Dragon Ball Super," fans formulate their own predictions and speculations. No one can tell if their ideas will happen, but whatever is the turnout, fans are already hyped especially after seeing the new extended trailer.

Jiren will win

One famous prediction is the victory of Jiren. Apparently, the Universe 11 fighter is very strong, and we have seen his power in the Tournament of Power. Although he didn't get engaged in a lengthy fight yet, we can already see that Jiren is one of a kind and that Toppo is right about his power.

We can remember that during a match with Toppo and Goku, the Pride Trooper leader told Goku that he is no match with Jiren since he is just equal in power with him.


Although Goku defeated Toppo, he is still confident that Goku isn't strong enough to put down the most powerful fighter of Universe 11.

There are many reasons why Jiren could win the fight. One reason is his ability to predict the next movement of his opponent. No matter how fast the warrior is, Jiren can still catch up because of this ability. We saw this when he did not move while the Katchi Katchin was flying since he knew where it would go.

Gohan under attack?

Another theory that alarms fans of Gohan is the possibility that Jiren will attack him. To recall, "Dragon Ball Super" episode 108 ended with Goku fighting with Ribrianne. Jiren will then approach Goku which overwhelms Goku. Ribrianne will be the victim of Jiren's attack.


After that, Goku and Jiren will have a face off.

Since Jiren is stronger, all of Goku's attacks will not have any impact on him. Because of that, Goku will use his trump card which is the spirit bomb. But that doesn't work either. Jiren then worked on Goku, but he will not eliminate him.

After he succeeds in ripping Goku, Jiren will go on a rampage and will eliminate different opponents. He will eventually get to Gohan. Although Gohan is strong enough to put a good fight with Jiren, he will be badly injured by the Universe 11 warrior.

With Goku still hurt, he will helplessly watch Jiren beat Gohan. He will yell at Gohan to stay away from Jiren, but Gohan is persistent to defeat him. Of course, Goku cannot endure seeing his son in danger.


Because of this, it will trigger his new transformation. "Dragon Ball Super" episode 110 will then end up with a major cliffhanger.

Fans will soon find out if this prediction will happen. But many are looking forward to an epic match whoever will win! Watch the two-part "Dragon Ball Super" one-hour episode on Oct. 8.