After fans of "#Dragon Ball Super" saw the new form of Son #Goku, everyone was hyped that the Saiyan hero can already defeat Jiren. But then, Goku wasn't able to hold onto the new form for long. Instead, he phased out and lost his Ultra Instinct.

However, Goku will still be able to get back with the help of Frieza. When Episode 110 ended, it featured Frieza snatching the hero while blasting him with his energy. This way, Goku will have his energy restored and he will be able to fight once again. But is his Ultra Instinct form enough to beat Jiren?

Jiren's mental telepathy skills

It is obvious that Jiren could communicate using the mind.

Universe 11 #God Of Destruction, Belmod, instructed Jiren to take out Goku and leave the weaklings behind. That time, Ribrianne fell right on his feet, but instead of facing Ribrianne, he was focused on Goku as ordered by Belmod. The two were communicating via mental telepathy.

Since Jiren has this power, it is possible that he could read minds. He had also been reading Goku's mind during their match [VIDEO] and he might intervene the Saiyan's mind too, which made him distracted. Whis once said that Goku and Vegeta are thinking too much when they are fighting. He said that overthinking can limit their speed and they are wasting their time by relying on their thoughts.

This could be the reason why Goku is defeated by Jiren. He knew Goku's next move and could easily counter his attacks. His mental telepathy skills could be part of his Advance Movement Analysis technique [VIDEO], which he showed during their match.

Goku's Ultra Instinct

The only way to defeat Jiren is Goku's Ultra Instinct form. While in this form, Jiren will not be able to read his mind. He will not know what Goku's next move is. Hence, once Goku masters this form, Jiren will surely be defeated.

Whis predicted that Goku will be able to master Ultra Instinct form wherein the body and mind work independently. In this state, a warrior can fight without thinking and without too much movement. Whis said that this is very difficult to achieve and that even Beerus, the Universe 7 God of Destruction, did not attain this level yet.

This explains why Whis was pleased to see Goku's new form. According to him, he did not expect Goku to get to that level, but the Saiyan surprised everyone. Well, Jiren needs to prepare once Goku revives his energy. The two will be able to fight evenly once Jiren is prevented from reading the Saiyan's movements telepathically.

Watch "Dragon Ball Super" Episode 111 on Oct. 15 for another epic match between Jiren and Hit. The next episode might also give fans a glimpse of what happened to Goku after Frieza got him.