It has been days since the one-hour special of "#Dragon Ball Super" but it appears that the hype isn't over yet. Along with Goku's new transformation, the special also featured the epic match between #Son Goku and Jiren the Gray. No wonder the episode is considered as one of the best.

With episodes 109 and 110 over, fans will see the match between Jiren and #Hit in Episode 111. In the meantime, some fans are wondering why Hit intervened in the previous fight between Goku and Jiren. Did he actually save Goku? What were his intentions?

Hit's intentions

After Goku returned to his base form when he lost his new form [VIDEO] while fighting with Jiren, Hit came charging at Jiren.

Fans are wondering if Hit attacked Jiren to help Goku since it looks like he is preventing the Pride Trooper from pursuing Goku, who is already exhausted.

But Hit actually attacked the Universe 11 warrior, not to save the weakened Goku, but to assess the power of Jiren. From the start, Hit always wanted to test Jiren's strength after he saw him blast Kale to stop her rampage. When he found the right moment to attack, he immediately barged in.

A close fight

Hit was thinking it is the perfect moment to attack Jiren since he already thought he won the match. It is said that it is best to face an opponent who believes he acquired victory since he is vulnerable at this state. Also, Hit thought that Jiren would not notice him since his mind was occupied with beating Goku. Jiren actually managed to defend himself from Hit's attack at once.

As for Hit, his primary aim is to determine the weakness of Jiren. He wanted to see how Jiren fights so he can think of a strategy to defeat him. But do you think Hit will find a way to put down the Universe 11 fighter?

Well, both of these warriors already have a long track record when it comes to fighting. It appears that both of them already faced different opponents and their powers are proven through time. Those who know Hit could conclude that he will have a close fight with Jiren. However, fans are about to see if Hit will eventually win against Jiren by using his time skip.

According to the episode's synopsis, Hit will paralyze Jiren with his time skip but the Universe 11 warrior will be able to break through it. With that, Jiren will give Hit a ki blast which might defeat him [VIDEO]. Do you think Hit will end up defeated?

Watch another epic match on "Dragon Ball Super" Episode 111 titled "Extreme Battle of Another Dimension! Hit vs Jiren!!.”