The official summary of chapter 111 of "Dragon Ball Super" revealed that after defeating Goku, Jiren will take aim at Hit, the assassin from Universe 6. This news was expected by fans everywhere since this battle has been anticipated since the beginning of the Tournament of Power.

The biggest battle of the tournament

For many, this may be the most amazing battle taking place during the Tournament of Power. Hit and Jiren are two of the most powerful warriors in the tournament, however, thanks to different synopses, we can say that this fight will last only one episode.

It will all begin after Jiren defeats Goku, leaving him severely wounded. After this, Universe 11's most powerful warrior will seek out Hit, aiming to defeat two of the strongest warriors.


The main objective of Jiren is to eliminate the most skilled warriors of Universes 6 and 7, leaving the teams with a low morale and weaker participants.

Can Hit defeat Jiren?

When referring to power alone, Hit has less than Goku in Super Saiyan blue with Kaioken. This was clear in the tournament between Universes 6 and 7. Considering this, it is logical to think that the power of Goku, with the Kaioken, increased 20 times, far exceeds that of Hit. However, the assassin has surprising techniques which he could use to defeat Goku, despite there being a significant difference in their respective powers.

To substantiate this, we only have to see the second fight between Hit and Goku. In this combat, the assassin from Universe 6 humiliated Goku, even though he used all his power.


The end of the fight was ridiculous since it had no relation to the development of the fight.

Sadly for Hit, we believe that Jiren can anticipate his movements, making his techniques irrelevant against the abilities of his opponent. In chapter 97, Jiren could easily predict the trajectory of the Katchin blocks manipulated by the gods of destruction. With this scene, it is logical to think that it can predict the attacks of Jiren, being able to dodge them, avoiding the multitude of lethal techniques the assassin possesses.

Considering all of these things, the odds of Hit winning are reduced since he will not be able to depend on power alone. What we mean is that the secret of Hit's fighting ability lies in his unique techniques, not in raw power.


If Jiren can nullify his techniques, this sways the battle heavily in favor of Jiren.

Hit's biggest advantage is that his character has the ability to learn and adapt to his opponent during combat. If the battle lasts long enough, Hit will learn and adapt easily and quickly to his situation and the fighting techniques employed by Jiren. If this is the case, Hit will only have the remaining time of the tournament to overcome this seemingly invincible opponent.