At the last part of the one-hour special of “#Dragon Ball Super,” Jiren was about to eliminate Son Goku when Hit intervened. The scene will be continued in Episode 111, which will feature the surreal showdown between Hit and Jiren the Gray. Toei Animation further hyped up the upcoming episode by releasing spoilers and previews. In the spoilers, it is revealed that Hit’s attacks have no effect on Jiren. Even his Time-Skip could not work with his powerful opponent. Could the spoilers be hinting about Hit getting eliminated in the Tournament of Power?

Latest spoilers

A new leaked scanned copy of Jump magazine [VIDEO] reveals the spoilers for Episode 112 of “Dragon Ball Super.” While this article is about Episode 111, it appears that the most recent spoilers already gave away the result of the fight between Hit and Jiren.

One line in the latest spoilers described Universe 6 as being sought after by other fighters now that they lost Hit! What does that mean?

Other details

In the previous spoilers [VIDEO] released a few days ago, it was revealed that the Legendary Assassin allowed Jiren’s blow to land on him. This way, he can learn his opponent’s strategy and plan out his fighting strategy as well. In the previews released for the upcoming episodes, it appears that the Legendary Assassin is terribly damaged by Jiren’s attacks. The question is how long can Hit take those destructive attacks?

Fans saw how skilled and powerful Jiren is. In fact, even with Goku achieving the Ultra-Instinct, the strongest Pride trooper was able to fight him. Despite the tremendous amount of power, Goku was unable to scratch his opponent.

At the end of the one-hour special fans saw Goku in his base form, lying on the ground. Had Hit not intervened, Goku could have been eliminated by Jiren.

We saw how Dyspo almost defeated Hit only by knowing how to counter his Time-Skip. In fact, the Legendary Assassin was almost eliminated but Goku intervened. When Dyspo was almost defeated by Maji Kayo, Jiren made an attack using his hand and sent the shape-shifter out of the arena.

Jiren the Gray, so far, is the most powerful fighter in the arena. Will Hit be able to withstand him and his power? If the latest spoilers are accurate, Hit will only be seen in action until Episode 111. The fate of Universe 6 will depend on the Saiyans--Cabba, Caulifla, and Kale.

Episode 111 of “Dragon Ball Super” will air on October 15. The episode is titled “Extreme Battle of Another Dimension, Hit vs Jiren.” #Dragon Ball Super Spoilers #Hit eliminated