Jiren the Gray has dominated two episodes of “Dragon Ball Super.” During the one-hour special he showed the fandom of the popular anime series that he can withstand the powerful Genki-Dama that has destroyed Goku’s enemies. He also unleashed his Ki that is overwhelmingly powerful it can stand even Goku’s Ultra-Instinct. In episode 111, the strongest Pride Trooper managed to attack the Legendary Assassin of Universe 6 despite his clever Time-Skip technique.

When Hit forced him in the Cage of Time, Jiren the Gray broke the power and sent the ace fighter out of the arena. While fans are marveling at the Pride Trooper’s unbelievable power, a new theory claims that Jiren the Gray’s power is limited.

Limited power

In Episode 111 [VIDEO] of “Dragon Ball Super,” fans saw how Jiren destroyed Hit’s ambition to be the MVP of the Tournament of Power when he eliminated the Legendary Assassin. The fight was impressive and intense with Hit giving all he got to win. After he eliminated his opponent, Jiren talked to Toppo and Dyspo and told them that they can take out the remaining warriors in the arena. He subjects himself to meditation and places a shield that only strong fighters can break.

While this move is daring and reveals how confident Jiren is about his power, new theory [VIDEO]views this as his weakness. According to this claim, the reason why the strongest Pride Trooper meditates after his tough fight is to recharge his Ki. The theory goes on saying that if his power is unlimited, he could have finished all the fighters in the arena.

Other details

Toppo and Dyspo will not be able to eliminate all the remaining fighters. Vegeta, Frieza, Gohan are just some of the personalities that they will have to defeat and emerge victoriously. Kale is still there who is also powerful in her Berserker form. The goddess of love Ribrianne is also a threat that both Pride troopers cannot just easily eliminate.

While Episode 111 did not reveal Jiren’s weakness, running out of energy is already a good sign that he can be defeated after all. Fans are hoping that the fan-favorite Saiyan have realized this by now so he could muster enough energy to have a rematch with the strongest Pride Trooper.

Meanwhile, Episode 112 of “Dragon Ball Super” is scheduled to air on October 22. It will showcase the plight of Universe6 in the tournament after Hit was eliminated. It will also feature The Prince of all Saiyans saving Cabba and teaching him to fight like a Saiyan for his universe.