During the first half of the Tournament of Power in “Dragon Ball Super,” the community was surprised to learn about the god-like power of Jiren The Gray. As it was later confirmed in the Manga, the strongest Pride Trooper is more powerful than the god of destruction Belmod. He gave the fandom a glimpse of his power when he countered Hit’s Time-Skip technique and has broken free of the Legendary Assassin’s cage of Time. He was also able to tell the limit of Son Goku’s Ultra-Instinct and defeated him during their epic fight.

New theory

Most “Dragon Ball Super” fans are now wondering who could be the next warrior who will fight Jiren the Gray.

While it is already expected that there will be a rematch between him and Goku [VIDEO], fans look forward to someone like Hit challenging him before the rematch takes place. Interestingly, a new fan-theory recently surfaced online. The theory claims that the next fighter who will break into Jiren’s shield while meditating will be his next opponent.

After his fight with the Legendary Assassin, the strongest Pride Trooper retired from fighting and subjected himself into meditation. He placed an energy-like shield around himself to protect him from intruders. As explained by Toppo in the previous episode, whoever destroys the shield will be a warrior worthy enough to fight the strongest Pride Trooper.

Other details

In Episode 111 [VIDEO], fans saw how the Prince of All Saiyans desires to fight Jiren the Gray.

Like Goku, Vegeta wants to fight a strong warrior and despises fighting weaklings. It is part of his Saiyan’s Pride and his character as a Prince. However, in the previous episode, Vegeta was not able to get close to the meditating fighter because he was intercepted by Toppo who invited the Prince of all Saiyans to fight him instead of Jiren.

According to anime writer Sohel Moldharia, it is possible that a Vegeta-Toppo fight will happen first. So far, we could not tell who will win in the fight since Toppo, as the Team leader of the Pride Trooper is equally strong and powerful. He will surely give the Prince of all Saiyans a good fight. Granting that Vegeta will win in the fight by a gaining a power-up, the theory believes that he will fight Jiren the Gray.

Meanwhile, a new trailer for Episode 114 is now available online. The 40-second video shows the heavily speculated character named Kefura. In the video, she is shown sporting a Potara Earring. The upcoming episode of “Dragon Ball Super” is scheduled to air on November 5. It will feature the continuation of the fight of Son Goku against Caulifla and Kale.