Dragon Ball Super” fans were in awe after the anime aired its one-hour TV special over the weekend, which focused on the highly-anticipated battle between Son Goku and Jiren The Grey. We’ve seen how the Saiyan fighter transformed into his most basic SS forms until the SSB form but all these were no match for the Universe 11 warrior. The hero then tried to release his Kaio-Ken x20 power boost but it seems that his opponent almost never fudged. Then he decided to charge a massive Genki Dama or the Spirit Bomb but the muscular humanoid fighter was able to redirect it back at Goku. Apparently, he was left unconscious and the end of Episode 110 showed Frieza towering over the Saiyan, leaving fans to wonder whether he is about to kill the hero. [VIDEO]

Will Frieza betray Goku this time?

Fans have been concerned about Frieza’s return onDragon Ball Super as he’s known for his hatred for the Saiyan race and he might just betray his team anytime soon.

We can recall when everyone was almost certain that he will turn his back on Universe 7 to conspire with Frost. However, it turned out that he betrayed the U6 warrior instead and even insulted him that he’ll never join forces with an amateur. His treacherous act has made everyone worried even more especially when he was seen dropping off an energy beam on Goku when the hero was knocked unconscious [VIDEO] on Episode 110.

Is he about to finish off Goku?

When Goku opened his eyes after his backbreaking fight with Jiren, Frieza was seen overlooking the hero with his usual devilish grin. “This brings back memories of what happened on Planet Namek,” the resurrected villain said while the Saiyan warrior was staring at him. From there, he released an energy beam on the badly beaten warrior that left fans wondering if he is going to kill his arch-enemy.

After all, he hates Goku the most and this will be a good chance to finish the hero off now that he is too weak to fight. However, it might be the other way around.

Frieza might help his nemesis

On the other hand, the resurrected villain might just help Goku out of misery to return the favor. It can be recalled during “Dragon Ball Z: Frieza Saga” when Goku helped him survive when he was awfully beaten. The hero didn’t want to help him apparently because they are arch-enemies. However, Goku has a pure heart and chose to give the villain his energy instead. Frieza might also do the same to the Saiyan warrior this time.

What do you reckon about Frieza’s possible betrayal on “Dragon Ball Super”? Will he do it this time around now that Goku is badly beaten?