The Tournament of Power in “Dragon Ball Super” has shown at least three Saiyans reaching another power level. Caulifla reached Super Saiyan 3 level under Goku's tutelage. Cabba achieved Super Saiyan 3 out of rage from the insults he received from the super high-speed Monna who was mocking him as a weak Saiyan. So far, the greatest power level ascension achievement of a Saiyan fighter belongs to Goku. He unlocked a new power that gives him his Ultra-Instinct form. The new form gives him god-like speed and power that makes ordinary mortal fighters have a hard time following his moves. However, Gohan fans are wondering if their favorite character will ever get a new form in the Tournament of power.

Ultra-Instinct Gohan

There is a big change to the young Gohan [VIDEO] that was shown in "DBZ" compared to the character that fans see now in “Dragon Ball Super.” Way back, he is one of the most important characters in the series that could beat the powerful enemies with his unbelievable power. He can reach the height of a particular power level much-faster than his father. Fans noticed that in the popular anime series currently airing, the warrior become less relevant. Is the team behind the series powering down Goku’s son?

There are several indications in some episodes of the current anime series that indicate the possibility of Gohan reaching the same power as Goku. It is worth noting that during the father-and-son sparring session before the tournament started, Goku asked him if he is going for Super Saiyan Gold or Blue.

Gohan replied that he will do something that is different from what his father and Vegeta have achieved.

Mystic vs Ultra-Instinct

As explained by the angel of destruction [VIDEO] Whiz, Ultra-Instinct is the state where the body acts on its own without the fighter thinking about it. This state unlocks the full potential of a fighter who is able to achieve this form. Gohan has his Mystic form, which is achieved by the awakening of his sleeping power. In essence, the two powers are the same. This means that if Gohan can achieve his Mystic form, he can definitely and easily unlock his own Ultra-Instinct.

Other details

If the team behind the popular anime series could show a new power or form for Gohan, it will definitely draw a lot of viewers - especially Gohan fans. It has been a while that the community has seen the once powerful fighter heartlessly annihilate his enemies. Hopefully, in the upcoming episodes, Gohan will be shown in his Ultra-Instinct form during the Tournament of Power in “Dragon Ball Super.”