Goku’s Ultra Instinct form was making noise on Dragon Ball Super” even weeks before it made its first appearance during the hero’s battle against Jiren The Grey of Universe 11. The Saiyan warrior managed to unlock the form when his Kaio-Ken x20 and the massive Genki Dama didn’t work on the Pride Trooper. For a short period of time, the hero had access to it, but it was too powerful and nobody could see his body movements except Vegeta. The prince of all Saiyans is known for unlocking the SS forms that Goku first obtained and some fans suggest that he might also unlock the latest form soon.


Can Vegeta go Ultra Instinct?

During Dragon Ball Super Episodes 109 and 110, fans were in awe when Goku finally transformed into Ultra Instinct. Even the gods were shocked by the transformation, including Shin and Whis, but Vegeta appeared to be more capable of seeing the hero’s movements. “I see it with my own eyes,” the prince of all Saiyans said. “Yet his actions feel unreal.” If he is able to see how Goku moves in his new form, fans believe that Vegeta would be able to achieve the form. There have been hints that the next arc might revolve around Planet Sadala and that might be the time for him to unlock the new transformation.

The next arc

Vegeta recently showed his determination to meet the king of Planet Sadala through Cabba, who he saved from the hands of Universe 4’s Monna. He made sure that the younger Saiyan was reminded of the promise he made to bring the elder Saiyan to the planet, where the king lives. Theories have it that it could be the anime’s next possible arc as the prince told Cabba that he will revive Universe 6 if he wins the tournament. If it happens, then we’re pretty sure that he will be able to unlock the brand new form in the next arc.


Ultra Instinct on Vegeta

Fans can recall when Whis trained Goku and Vegeta on how to fight freely without having to think of their body movements. The attendant told the Saiyan fighters that both of them are unable to let loose their full powers as they think too much about how they move. The fighters have been hard at work to achieve this power, which means that it’s only a matter of time until Vegeta unlocks the form.

After all, the fighter has proved his formidable power and going Ultra Instinct won’t be too much of a surprise.

What do you reckon about Vegeta going Ultra Instinct of “Dragon Ball Super?” Will he be able to master the new form as soon as he unlocks it?