The one-hour special of “Dragon Ball Super” showcased the much-talked-about new form of Goku, the Ultra-Instinct. The team behind the popular anime series has not yet revealed the official term for the Saiyan’s latest achievement. As a result, the community is still divided on what to call it. Some fans call it a new form, while others prefer to call it a new power. There are other fans who call it a new state. Whatever the term is, this latest achievement unlocked by the fan-favorite Saiyan has made a massive impact in the fandom.



There are many speculations right now about the new technique that Goku was able to achieve during the one-hour special of “Dragon Ball Super.” Some fans believe that since the unlocked power is new to the fan-favorite Saiyan, it is still incomplete. They believe that in the future episodes, Goku will perfect it and it will be all good and well to use the Ultra-Instinct on his future opponents.

While fans are longing to see Goku perfecting this new power, the team behind the hit anime series had already shown the complete form to the fans several months ago.

In the first image released by Toei Animation to celebrate the commencement of the Tournament of Power, Goku’s complete Ultra-Instinct form was shown. The Saiyan’s back view could be seen surrounded by light blue, white and red auras.

Why is the form still incomplete?

In the one-hour special, while Goku has already achieved the Ultra-Instinct, there are many things that contribute to the fact that it is still incomplete. If you compare Goku’s features to the image released several months ago, the fan-favorite Saiyan was shown shirtless with many battle marks scattered all over his body.


What fans saw in the one-hour special was Goku with his shirt on and with only a single-colored aura coming out of his body.

In addition, it is too premature for Goku to automatically master the form when he achieved it at that same instant. What happened during the one-hour special was that the Saiyan tapped his energy from the Genki-Dama and achieved the Ultra-Instinct. On top of that, he was able to break through his limits. It was revealed that the Mastery of Self-Movement was too tough and some gods of destruction struggled to master it.

Meanwhile, a new set of spoilers recently surfaced online, spoiling the result of the fight between the legendary assassin and the strongest pride trooper. As revealed, Universe 6 will lose Hit in the Tournament of Power. Episode 111 of “Dragon Ball Super” is scheduled to air on October 15.