Goku’s new form has been a favorite topic of discussion in the “Dragon Ball Super” community for several months now. Fans have their own theories and speculations about this new form and how will the fan-favorite Saiyan achieve it. Interestingly, during the one-hour special that aired last weekend, fans witnessed the unbelievable power that Goku has achieved. Even the gods of destruction could not believe that a mortal could achieve the Ultra-Instinct. While fans are thrilled to see the Saiyan close the gap between him and Jiren with the new achieved state, it did not last that long.

This triggered speculations among fans about this new form. While others claim that the Saiyan is just getting used to it, a new theory believes that it is not yet complete.

New theory

The one-hour special of “Dragon Ball Super” showcased not only the epic showdown between two most powerful fighters in the multiverse but also the much-awaited new form of the Saiyan.


While it is not technically official that this is Goku’s new form, in this article let us call it that way to avoid confusion.

According to this new theory, the Ultra-Instinct is incomplete. Anime writer King Ozymandias believes that while the spectacular display of power during his fight with Jiren the Gray was impressive, the form is not yet complete. The writer claims that based on the promotional image released by the team behind the anime series, the form has a red aura that was not seen in the back-to-back episodes. The theory says that the absence could mean that fans might see a stronger and more complete version of the form later in the Tournament of Power.

Other details

If we base our inference on the promotional image that was revealed several months ago, there are many things that are missing given that the image is based on the anime series.


If you recall, all throughout the fight and even after achieving the Ultra-Instinct, Goku has his shirt on. If you compare that with the promotional image, you will see a shirtless Saiyan with fighting marks all over his body.

Most likely, in the upcoming episodes of the series, fans will see Goku getting used to the new power and even mastering it. That might happen on Episode 115 or later since latest spoilers reveal that Goku will face Universe6’s Caulifla and Kale in Episode 114. Fans are speculating that there might be another twist in the plot of the series. We will only find out as the Tournament of Power continues in “Dragon Ball Super.”