Dragon Ball Super” unveiled Goku’s Ultra-Instinct during his epic fight with Jiren the Gray. Before the fan-favorite Saiyan was able to achieve this insane power, the strongest Pride Trooper beat him hard. He tried powering up to Super Saiyan x20, then to Super Saiyan God, then to Super Saiyan Blue but to no avail. He even resorted to using the Genki-Dama as his ultimate attempt to defeat his opponent. However, it appears futile before his overpowered enemy.

When he achieved the Ultra-Instinct, the gap between their power narrowed, and the Saiyan was able to land his blows on him. However, there is a new theory right now claiming that the immense power achieved by Goku has one big weakness.

New theory

Anime writer Sohel Moldharia [VIDEO] claims that Goku’s Ultra-Instinct shown in the Tournament of Power in “Dragon Ball Super” has one huge weakness. The writer believes that the fan-favorite Saiyan will not be able to maintain the power for a long time, making its usage brief. He thinks that the new power will nerf the Saiyan’s power down. The writer also said that it is not good for the popular anime series to make Goku master the power while Beerus has not yet perfected it.


There is also another theory claiming that Jiren the Gray is powerful because he is already fighting using the Ultra-Instinct. The claim believes that the strongest Pride Trooper has mastered the form through meditation. Jiren was able to awaken the highest state of the power within him fully utilizing the power of Ultra-Instinct.

This also gives him the ability to read his opponent’s mind, which explains why he seems to have already prepared himself for all the attacks of his opponents.

Other details

Noticeably, after his fight with Hit in Episode 111, he retired and subjected himself to meditation. The Grand Priest [VIDEO] quips that this move is daring since the tournament is not yet over. However, it is possible that Ultra-Instinct consumes its host’s energy at a faster rate and requires the host to clear its mind to be able to continue using it. This might be the reason why despite the threats from other fighters, Jiren chose to meditate rather than fight and entrusted the rest of the fight to Dyspo and Toppo.

If the theory about Goku’s Ultra-Instinct and Jiren’s meditation are to go by, then it appears that the strongest fighter has already shown the weakness of the immense power that even gods of destruction would like to master. The next episode of “Dragon Ball Super” will air on October 22.