Throughout the history of "Dragon Ball," we have witnessed the birth of many powerful techniques and transformations. With each new villain of the series, a new form with incredible power was attained to defeat them. However, after the revelation of Goku's mastery of the most powerful technique in the omniverse, it leaves all others in the background!

The technique "Migatte no Gokui," or ultra instinct, is undoubtedly the ultimate technique of the gods. With the ultra instinct ability, the user can access a state in which the body reacts independently of the mind, evading virtually all danger. Whis speaks of this in a previous chapter of the anime.

After the premiere of episodes 109 and 110, there were many questions from fans everywhere regarding this technique. Given that, we will thoroughly analyze the new transformation of Goku, and explain in detail how he got it and how it works.


Migatte no Gokui, the definitive technique

To begin with, this new state is not a result of Goku absorbing the energy of the Genkidama. However, the Genkidama does have an unexpected effect and appears to restore the energy and stamina of the Saiyan. What actually causes him to ascend to this new form is a result of the genkidama explodes after the struggle with Jiren. It is later revealed that during the struggle back and forth with the genkidama, Goku breaks through a barrier of power and emotion that triggers this ascension. The impact of the explosion causes Goku to enter a new mental state in which his body moves by itself.

In official English subtitles, they have called this state Ultra Instinct, and although not a totally literal translation, it is a good name.


The name seems logical since Goku moves 100 percent by instinct without having to think and react mentally. This transformation is more a mental transformation than a purely physical one. Simply put, when Goku is hit by the Genkidama, his mind is in limbo where his body moves based on instinct and reflexes.

To explain it in another way, we could say that Goku's body refuses to be unconscious and moves by itself. Goku loses consciousness in a certain way but his body keeps moving.

The most similar thing we've seen in the "Dragon Ball" franchise is the state that Goku used against Lord Slug. In the film, Goku seemed to be unconscious, but here he lost consciousness and was consumed by anger, resembling the transformation of the legendary Super Saiyan.


It should be added that in the merchandising, the title of the transformation has had the word "presage" added, making the name Ultra Instinct Omen. Perhaps this means that in reality, this state is an "omen" for something to come, or perhaps it refers to the ability that this transformation possesses.

Momentary or definitive state?

Many people wonder if Goku can master and incorporate this state into his body, just as he did in the past with the Super Saiyan God. From our perspective, we believe that unlike the God forms, this is a technique and a mental state, but not a power-up that requires simply controlling it. To show this, we can add that even the gods of destruction have not mastered the technique yet.