During the one-hour special of “Dragon Ball Super,” Son Goku was defeated by Universe11’s Jiren the Gray. The battle was intense with the fan-favorite Saiyan unlocking his new form called the Ultra-Instinct. However, the fight cast him too much energy and when it ended, his energy was completely depleted. Frieza then shared some of his energy to Goku. The Saiyan, however, became the target of other fighters from participating universes. His weak state is a great flaw of which others would like to take advantage to get him out of the tournament.


Fighting strategy

In Episode 113 of “Dragon Ball Super,” fans saw how Universe6’s Caulifla saved Goku from robotic fighters of Universe3. However, she wanted the fan-favorite Saiyan to teach her to achieve a greater form. In order for Goku to do that, he asked Caulifla to beat him first. While it appears that the fight is a way to teach Saiyan, from Universe6, to achieve her new form, a new theory that recently surfaced online, claims otherwise.

According to this fan-theory, the fight is Goku’s strategy to master his Ultra-Instinct form.

The claim cites Whiz’s statement about the Saiyan fighting Champa’s Saiyan warriors. While at the spectators’ bench, the eliminated fighters, as well as the Kaioshins, Angel and even the god of destruction, was discussing the current fight. Whiz noted that Goku’s senses were sharpened by fighting the Saiyan girls from Universe6. The theory further claims that the Saiyan is only fighting to stress his body enough to unleash his full power.

In addition, while Caulifla and her protégé Kale were attacking him, Goku transformed into Super Saiyan 3 and then reverted to Super Saiyan 2.


When the battle started, Goku was only fighting in his base form. As the fight drags on, he was able to tap Super Saiyan 2 form and battle with Caulifla. It is just a matter of time that the fan-favorite Saiyan from Universe7 will be able to access his Ultra-Instinct form once again.

Other details

Apart from those, in the latest preview released by Toei Animation, it appears that Goku will be fighting a new character named Kefura. Rumors are circulating which claim that Kefura or Kafla is the product of Caulifla and Kale’s fusion.

With a more powerful fighter with whom to hone his skills, there is a great chance that the Saiyan, from Universe7, will master his new form.

However, according to Whiz’s previous statement, Ultra-Instinct is a difficult state that even gods of destruction have a hard time achieving. Is Goku just using his fight with the Saiyans from Universe6 to master his new form? Meanwhile, Episode 114 of “Dragon Ball Super” is scheduled to air on November 5. The upcoming episode is titled, “Intimidating Passion, the Birth of a New Super Warrior.”