While the "Dragon Ball Super" is just a weekend away from returning on air, a new teaser trailer is up and it reveals Goku's new transformation. The highly-anticipated anime series is set to return next week for an hour special. It is slated to feature Goku's battle against Jiren, at long last.

As he engages in a new battle, Goku is also tipped to reveal his newest power. According to Comic Book, the new episode previews of the Dragon Ball Super were revealed not too long ago, and the new clip featured a first look at Goku's transformation.

Launching a massive spirit bomb

The new teaser trailer shows Goku battling against Jiren. As the clip moves forward, it clearly features him trying to launch a massive spirit bomb at his opponent.


However, it seems that Goku will fail in his attack. As the video clip continues, Goku seems to have another trick up his sleeve. He will be featured in his surprising transformation. Jiren, on the other hand, will be surprised on as he sees Goku finally transforms.

He will be enclosed in a blue-white light and Goku will finally reappear with his new look. His hair will turn black in his usual Super Saiyan style. This is something that viewers should watch out for on the anime series' upcoming one-hour special.

Anime's return

"Dragon Ball Super" is reportedly returning on October 9 with a one-hour episode special.


Comic Book confirmed that it will have back-to-back episodes and fans should start marking their calendars for its upcoming release.

New talents are also expected to animate the episodes a bit more. Some of these stellar personalities include Yuya Takahashi, Naotoshi Shida, and Ken Otsuka. These three personalities are known in the "Dragon Ball" fandom for their action-packed animations.

While these animators join the series, avid viewers of "Dragon Ball Super" will expect great things to happen in the next few weeks. At the moment, there are no other details yet, as to how Goku will reach his newest transformation. However, most of the fans already have their own ideas and theories.

Transformation theories

Goku's transformation is one of the topics that have been heavily debated among the series fans.


For quite a few months now, "DBS" has given hints on Goku's transformation and it left fans inventing speculation about the hero's new superpower.

Some of the fans have questioned whether Goku's power-ups are closely connected to the Kaio-Ken technique. Fans will have to stay tuned to see which theories and speculations come true.