Since its hiatus, fans of the popular anime series are now impatient for the "Dragon Ball Super" one-hour special. The back-to-back episodes will mark the highlight of the Tournament of Power. It will also feature the intense fight between two most powerful fighters in the multiverse, Son Goku and Jiren the Gray. Fans are also thrilled about the episodes because it will showcase the new form of the fan-favorite Saiyan, which fans have been heavily speculating about. There are many theories surrounding this new form. One of these claims that it was triggered by Whiz.


New spoiler

A new spoiler for Episode 111 of "Dragon Ball Super" is now making rounds on the web. A new source online has leaked the synopsis of the upcoming episodes. This is the second spoilers that are released by the same source. The texts are in Korean and Herms98 translated it into English.

Episode 111

The upcoming Episode 111 is titled “Extreme Battle of Another Dimension! Hit vs Jiren!!” A part of the synopsis sheds more light on the new form of Goku. It reveals that the Saiyan will be badly injured by his opponent from head to toe.

Briefly, before going down, he arouses a new power called Mastery of Self-Movement. It is described as the body's ability to react on its own.

The Korean-written spoilers imply that Goku has a power within him that was awakened. For now, it is still unclear whether this is from his Saiyan genes or if it is connected to his skills. Fans are also not sure if this will be categorized as a new power-up of a transformation or a special technique.

The Whiz-limit breaker-connection

In the past episodes of the popular anime series, Whis, Beerus’ attendant once pointed out how the Saiyan’s power is limited by his thoughts.


The attendant expounded that the reason why Vegeta and Goku could not unlock their full potential is that they could not fight without thinking. Whiz further explained that Beerus is powerful because he has perfected the art of fighting without thinking.

The first image teasing about Goku’s new form has a caption that says, “The works of the gods are perfected here.” Is the new technique an indication that the Saiyan has applied what Whiz has taught him? Has he really perfected the technique that Beerus has mastered? Is the technique a manifestation that he was able to break through his limits and beyond?

The latest details reveal how insane Goku’s new technique is and it will require him every ounce of his strength.

Beyond the fight, fans are looking forward to the new form that will be featured in the one-hour special of “Dragon Ball Super.”