The one-hour special of “Dragon Ball Super” lived up to the hype and even went beyond it. The special surpassed viewers expectations with its awesome way of unveiling Goku’s new and heavily-speculated form. Even the much-hyped fight between Universe 7’s Goku and Universe 11’s Jiren the Gray was epic. The strongest Pride Trooper also showcased his power and fighting skill in the two-part event giving the Saiyan one of his best fights in the entire anime franchise.

There are some scenes, however, in the back-to-back episodes that showed alarmed expressions from several gods of destruction.

The epic fight

The one-hour special of “Dragon Ball Super” started with Jiren raising his Ki that surprised everyone.


The fight progresses with Goku browbeaten despite raising his power level many times. From Super Saiyan Blue to Super Saiyan God, Son Goku uses every technique and power level that he knows of in the fight. However, his opponent was never even scratched in any of his attacks.

With his Saiyan blood rising, the team leader of Universe 7 unleashed his trump card, the Genki Dama. The massive ball of Ki was formed with energy coming from all the fighters of Universe 7 including the super villain from hell—Frieza. Goku throws the Spirit Bomb to Jiren in his base form, but the Pride Trooper deflects it back at him using one hand. The Saiyan powers up to prevent the Genki Dama from destroying him.

Initially, he was consumed by the Spirit Bomb, and his presence was not felt in the World of Void. However, his body absorbed the powerful ball, and he used it as the source of his own energy. The process turns him into a powerful fighter with unbelievable power.


Unknown state

As explained by Whiz, the energy from the Genki Dama entered into the Saiyan’s body as it exploded. He fought the primal urge that manifests in the body as it accepts a massive power. According to Whiz, Goku was able to break through the shell of his maximum potential. While he is mortal, he was able to achieve this unknown god-like state.

To fans, this unknown state is the Limit-Breaker. It triggers the Saiyan to achieve the Ultra-Instinct, which is the ability of the fighter to move his body parts without thinking. As Beerus starts to realize what Goku was able to achieve, his face is full of anxiety. Champa, hearing Beerus utter the term Ultra Instinct, looked perturbed and alarmed.


This particular technique is insanely hard to obtain that even the gods of destruction have a hard time achieving it.

The one-hour special of “Dragon Ball Super” sets the tone of where the anime series is heading. By unveiling that Goku can surpass his limits and can even reach a godly-state it hints at the possibility that he can surpass the deities.