Cutbacks of the Japanese press from episodes 111 to 114 of "Dragon Ball Super" have been filtered with possible spoilers. These are the culminating chapters of the Power Tournament, which is estimated to be close to episode 120. As we always say these synopses are not official, therefore they are not 100% true. However, only once have their information failed and there is a good reason to believe that what they will read next will actually happen in the series. Let's see:

Episode 111

Title: Extreme battle of another dimension! Hit vs Jiren!

Synopsis: After returning the Genkidama launched by Goku (Universe 7) Jiren (Universe 11) fights against Hit (Universe 6).

Hit receives Jiren's attack on purpose and thinks of a strategy. At that moment Hit counterattacks Jiren with his "time jump," but it has no effect.


Episode 112

Title: The promise of a saiyan! Vegeta's determination.

Synopsis: Kyabe (Universe 6) fights against Monna (Universe 4) so that the most powerful, Caulifla and Kale, can be able to fight against powerful enemies in optimum conditions. Driven by Monna's attack, Kyabe is almost to the point of being defeated, but is saved by Vegeta (Universe 7). Vegeta tells his disciple Kyabe to fight like a saiyajin, without remorse.

Episode 113

Title: Having fun! Again the battle of the saiyajins obsessed with fighting.

Synopsis: Universe 3 warriors go for Goku (who exhausted his energy in the fight against Jiren), but Caulifla stops them and tells Goku to fight against her.

Goku willingly accepts, but has no energy to become a Super Saiyajin, he prepares to regain his strength while fighting.


Episode 114

Title: Terrible! The explosive birth of a new warrior!

Synopsis: Kale, from Universe 6, joins Caulifla to fight Goku, tension takes flight while being overwhelmed by the attacks of the saiyajin. Then she becomes a super sayajin berserker, but...

As you can see, the next episodes will be full of fights. First Hit will face Jiren, looking like an alien. Then, Vegeta, who will help Kyabe. Finally, Goku will have a series of very complicated combats, especially against Kale, who apparently is transformed again into super saiyajin berserker.

To all this, we do not know what will happen with Gohan and Freezer, among other warriors. How will Goku manage to face so many warriors without having recovered from his battle with Jiren?

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