The second half of the Tournament of Power in “Dragon Ball Super” debuted with Episode 112. There are 23 minutes remaining until the tournament come to its end and fans are excited to know how the remaining episodes will play out. So far, the Omni-kings have erased a couple of universes after all of their fighters have been eliminated in the tournament. Frost was erased after he tried cheating by firing an attack outside the arena. Fans are looking forward to seeing more powerful characters unveil their powers as the tournament approaches its imminent end.

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Latest details

Recently, fans were stunned when a new scanned schedule of Fuji TV surfaced online revealing the provisional title [VIDEO] of Episode 115 of “Dragon Ball Super.” The scanned schedule was translated from Japanese into English on Twitter by the ever-reliable content creator and the reliable source of anime spoilers, Herms98.

According to the Twitter superstar, Episode 115 is titled “Goku vs. Kefura.” Upon further digging, Herms98 shared that it could be a combination of Kale and Caulifla’s Japanese names, Kale being Keru and Caulifla being Karifura.

The revelation spread like wildfire in the fandom as many speculations began to surface online. One interesting fan-theory is the possible fusion of the two Saiyan girls from Universe6. With previous spoilers, disclosing that Caulifla asked from Kale’s help and even Kale’s Berserker form is no match to Goku, fans think that a fusion is very possible.


Talks about the Kefura and the potential Kale-Caulifla fusion is now making rounds in the fandom. Interestingly, several fusion theorists believe that if this happens, fans may soon see Gokhan in the Tournament of Power.

Gokhan is the fusion of Goku and his son Gohan, which has been speculated since August along with the Gogeta fusion. So far, it is obvious that both Vegeta and Goku would like to fight individually on their own. This is shown several times in the previous episodes of the popular anime series.

Fans have already dropped the possibility of using [VIDEO] the Potara earrings in the Tournament of Power since this is not allowed. With the Gokhan fusion, all the father-and-son Saiyans have to do is perform the fusion dance to give birth to a new and powerful fighter. While the Gokhan fusion is possible, it seems that there are other things that have to be considered before it even materialized.

This includes Goku being able to top up a new power dubbed as the Ultra-Instinct form. Should the fan-favorite Saiyan master the new power, he can possess a god-like ki that can match and even surpass that of Jiren the Gray. But anything could happen in “Dragon Ball Super” and we will only know as the tournament continues.