The Tournament of Power of “#Dragon Ball Super” has ascended many Saiyans to higher power forms. Fans witnessed Caulifla achieved her #Super Saiyan 2 level with the help of Goku. Kale, out of sheer jealousy achieved her Berserk form that knocked many fighters down when she went on a rampage. Even Cabba reached his Super Saiyan 2 level when he was insulted by his super highspeed opponent Monna. This is the greatest achievement so far among the Saiyans in terms of form ascension is that of Son Goku. The fan-favorite Saiyan was able to unlock a new powerful form called Ultra-Instinct. However, several fans, especially that of #Gohan are wondering if the fighter will also get his new form in the Tournament of Power.

New theory

On YouTube [VIDEO], a content creator named AnimeZ revealed his new theory about Gohan achieving a new form in the Tournament of Power in “Dragon Ball Super.” According to this theory, Gohan will ascend to a new form that will be at par with his father. In addition, this theory claims that Gohan will combine his God Ki and his Mystic Form. This will enable the Saiyan from universe7 to have an unbelievable power that will put him on the same power level with all other powerful fighters in the Tournament of Power.

Other details

Some fans in the community are speculating that the team behind the anime series has made the once important fighter less relevant in the Tournament of Power [VIDEO]. During his younger years in “DBZ,” he was one of the most powerful fighters.

His role is of massive importance and has the spotlight most of the time. He defeated the strong and powerful Cell during the Cell Saga. When he was younger, he was the first one to hurt Radditz who was very strong during that time.

The tournament is halfway over and fans have continuously seen Gohan fighting alongside his mentor Piccolo. While there were several episodes where he was fighting alone, it lacks magnitude as he is paired with strong but not really powerful fighters from other participating universes. Fans would like to see him fight against stronger warriors like Hit, Toppo, Kefura, or Jiren the Gray.

In the trailer released for Episode 112, he was seen fighting alongside Piccolo against the Namekian fighters of Universe6 Pirina and Saonel. Will fans see Gohan ascend to a new form in the upcoming episodes? Will he also achieve his Ultra-Instinct form?

Meanwhile, Episode 114 of “Dragon Ball Super” is scheduled to air on November 5. It is titled “Intimidating Passion, The Birth of a New Super Warrior.” It will feature the continuation of the crazy fight of Goku against Caulifla and Kale.