Fans are still in awe about the one-hour special of “Dragon Ball Super.” So far, the fandom has nothing but praise for the recently concluded two-part event. The team behind the popular anime series didn't disappoint fans and lived up to the hype. The back-to-back episodes showcased the most epic fight Goku had in the entire anime franchise. However, fans are now speculating on Freiza’s motive for snatching Goku away from Vegeta.

Freiza’s motives questioned

The recently concluded one-hour special of “Dragon Ball Super” has pleased fans beyond their expectations.


However, while it is one of the best episodes of the popular anime series, it raises more questions instead of giving answers. The two-part event that aired today contains many interesting scenes that will consume one whole day if fans would go into every detail.

One interesting part of episode 110 is during the last scene before the episode concludes. It was shown that while Vegeta was talking to Goku — who is lying on the ground — the battle-scarred Saiyan vanishes. The next scene shows the Saiyan still lying on the ground with Frieza standing beside him. The supervillain from hell is extending his arm with a ball of energy seemingly coming out of his outstretched hand.

He can be heard saying, ”‘Just like Planet Namek.”

What happened on Planet Namek?

The scene raised the red flag among fans in the community. While some are speculating that the villain will kill Goku given his broken state, it appears that this is not the case. Most likely Frieza is trying to make Goku remember what happened in Planet Namek. During their fight in the “DBZ” Goku gave Frieza some of his energy to be able to escape from the planet, which at that time was about to explode. It appears that the villain will do the Saiyan a favor in the same manner and will give him energy.

It appears that Frieza will stick with Universe7 and help them win in the Tournament of Power so he could make a wish to Shenron. They will most likely do this with powerful fighters and winning as the MVP is not really important to the villain.


If we are going to stick with the theory on his grand plan of becoming a god of destruction or maybe more superior than them, it is the rational explanation for his act shown in the ending scene.

Episode 111 of “Dragon Ball Super” will air on October 15. It will feature the surreal fight between Universe6’s Hit and Universe11’s Jiren the Gray.