Dragon Ball Super” has just eliminated Universe 6 warrior Hit over the weekend, as Jiren targeted him after the latter’s battle against Goku during the one-hour TV special. The Pride Trooper saw the assassin as a threat to Universe 11’s chance at winning in the tournament and took him down almost immediately. The hero is still recovering from his backbreaking battle against the muscular humanoid fighter but that doesn’t mean his team will stop fighting for their home’s survival. A synopsis for the upcoming episode has recently been dropped that will put Frieza back in action.


Who is he targeting next?

Vegeta helps Cabba in his battle

The upcoming episode of Dragon Ball Super sees Vegeta trying to help Cabba from Universe 6 when the latter is in a tight spot against Monna of Universe 4. The Saiyan is having a hard time keeping up with his opponent’s speed and will be in serious trouble until the prince of all Saiyans comes to his rescue. “Just as he thinks he's done for, amazingly enough, Vegeta saves him,” reads the synopsis. “Though [the prince] rouses Cabba by telling him to "fight to be MVP", Freeza is not amused…”

Frieza’s next target

Looking at the synopsis, it seems that the resurrected villain is not impressed by Vegeta’s stance of helping Cabba fight like an MVP. The episode preview shows Frieza holding the younger Saiyan up by his face, and by the looks of it; something is apparently not good between the two fighters.

We all know the former emperor evil’s hatred against the Saiyan race, thanks to Goku and Future Trunks we can sense he is about to put Cabba in a predicament. The baddie’s narrowed eyes while staring at the Universe 6 warrior clearly says it all. The trailer’s next scene shows the Saiyan screaming and the gods know he sounds like he is in too much pain.

Will Vegeta step in?

Everyone knows how suspicious team Universe 7 is when Frieza was scouted to join the Tournament of Power. He has been suspected of betraying his team although his resurrection is conditional.


The baddie isn’t there for the sake of U7, but for the chance to live again. Vegeta is one of the team members who didn’t like the idea of the resurrected villain’s participation in the team. If he goes to Cabba’s rescue in the latter’s battle against Monna, will he help the younger Saiyan fight against the former emperor of evil?

All of these will soon be answered as soon as “Dragon Ball Super” Episode 112 titled “A Saiyan’s Pledge! Vegeta’s Resolve!!” airs on October 22. Don’t miss it!