Like every week, the first images of episode 111 [VIDEO] of "#Dragon Ball Super" that were released today, have been revealed. On this occasion, chapter 111 will show us one of the most anticipated fights for fans, #Hit vs. #Jiren.

The scenes were revealed a few hours ago and in addition to showing the battle between Jiren and Hit, we are shown some other rather curious scenes. One of these scenes shows us characters in action, including the case of the Namek warriors from Universe 6.

Leaked Images

The first image shows Frieza and Goku, in what we believe will be one of the first scenes of the episode.

We can see that Frieza is no longer in his Golden form, and Goku seems to be slowly standing up. From this image, we can assume that Frieza will energize the Saiyan, just as Goku did in the past during their battle on Namek.

Next, we see an image of the two Namekian warriors of Universe 6 [VIDEO] attacking in their first on-screen action. The next image shows Piccolo and Gohan also attacking and we believe that in this scene they are attacking the same Namekian warriors shown in the previous image. So far in "Dragon Ball Super," these Namekian warriors have not been shown in action and very little information is known about them.

Finally, we are shown an image that was shown in the preview shown after episode 110, in which we see Jiren and Hit fighting. This scene occurs at the edge of the platform, and we believe that Hit will be eliminated following this energy battle.

Universe 6 will lose their team captain and most powerful fighter, putting the fate of Champa and Universe 6 in danger of being erased.


Episode 111 will focus on the fight between Jiren and Hit. The assassin of Universe 6 will try to get the powerful warrior of Universe 11 off of the platform, although Jiren will stop virtually all attacks and techniques of the assassin. This time, Goku will not be able to help Hit since he used all of his power in his fight against Jiren, leaving him exhausted.

Hit will use all of his tricks and techniques to defeat Jiren, but nothing works. However, a scene has been shown in which Hit is connecting with a strike directly to the heart of Jiren. This one strike is typically fatal for mere mortals and could cause future problems for the warrior who is as strong as a God of Destruction.

Even so, it has already been revealed that Hit will be eliminated from the tournament of power, but we believe that Jiren will have lingering problems from the strike to the heart that Hit will land against him.

It should be clarified that, although the power of Jiren is very great, the techniques employed by Hit are often lethal, regardless of the opponent having a higher power. After this, we believe that Hit's fatal technique will severely damage Jiren, which will bring him serious problems when he has to continue fighting in the tournament.