The one-hour special of “Dragon Ball Super” underlines one thing. That is that Jiren has awesome power and fighting abilities that are near impossible to defeat. After watching the two-part event, fans concluded that Goku will have a hard time defeating the strongest Pride Trooper in the Tournament of Power. The question right now is that if Goku in his Ultra-Instinct form is having a hard time defeating Jiren the Gray, then who then could defeat him? Universe 7 has a pool of powerful fighters and so have other participating universes.


If Jiren could not be defeated, who has the best chance to kick him out of the arena?


On the bottom of the list is the powerful goddess of love from Universe2—Ribrianne. Although she ran away when Jiren approached her in Episode 109 of “Dragon Ball Super,” the warrior oozing with love is unbelievably strong, and with luck, could eliminate the strongest Pride Trooper. She gave Son Goku a tough fight with her colorful techniques; she might have the chance to eliminate Jiren.


Another fighter who can potentially eliminate Jiren is the Prince of all Saiyans, Vegeta.

Although he has not yet shown his full power in the fight, he can eliminate the fighter of Universe 11 through his cunning moves. He may not yet achieve the Ultra-Instinct but he is capable of outsmarting his opponent. There were many instances in the tournament where he eliminated his opponent by attacking them in their most defenseless state.


Other than Son Goku, Hit is one of the most powerful fighters in the Tournament of Power. The fighter has been working as an Assassin for the past 1000 years. Experience would give Hit the widest margin against his opponent.


While in the preview he was shown to be browbeaten by the strongest Pride Trooper, there are lots of things about Hit that were not yet shown. In fact, he might surprise fans and eliminate Jiren.


The Berserker has previously gone rampage and Jiren singlehandedly stopped her. Now that she is able to contain and control her power a bit, she has a good chance of defeating Jiren. She has insurmountable power when she turns Berserker, and that could eliminate Jiren.


Gohan is the favorite character of Akira Toriyama.

Noticeably in the entire franchise, the young Saiyan was created as an ideal character as he has the talents that Goku lacks. He also has a Mystic Form that has massive potential once realized. Unlike Goku, his true power comes out as pure rage. Gohan has always been instrumental in defeating enemies in the previous installments. He has the biggest potential to eliminate, if not defeat Jiren.

Fans are looking forward to discovering more about Jiren the Gray’s power and skills in the next episode of “Dragon Ball Super.” He will have a surreal fight with the Assassin Hit scheduled to air on October 15.