Dragon Ball Super” has just aired the first episode of the second half of the Tournament of Power, which put Vegeta in the spotlight. The prince of all Saiyans saved Cabba from Universe 6, who was cornered by Monna from Universe 4. The younger fighter was almost knocked out of bounds by the massive girl fighter, but Vegeta went to his rescue. Fortunately, he managed to eliminate Monna when he transformed into SS2 for the first time. However, Frieza lingered around and challenged him to fight, leading to his elimination and fans were annoyed that an important character was defeated too early.


Fans react

On Twitter, “Dragon Ball Super fans were put off by the idea that Frieza eliminated Cabba easily, especially that the younger fighter is one of the important characters in the franchise. Others suggest that he was even more important than his trainees, Kale and Caulifla as well as Ribrianne. The girls are still surviving in the tournament and fans can’t stand the fact that they remain in their respective teams, but Cabba is now purged from the battle royal. “I'm so mad that they did Cabba dirty here,” one fan wrote.

“I mean, I loved WHAT HAPPENED with him and Frieza but...come on man...”

Cabba was the real MVP

When Monna tried to challenge Kale and Caulifla to fight, Cabba interfered, who convinced the two female fighters that he will be the one to face off with the Universe 4 warrior.


He knows that the female Saiyans’ roles in the team are important and told them to just save their energy. When Monna almost pushed him out of bounds, the boy was distressed. However, he was still grateful that he didn’t let his female pals fight against Monna in an attempt to save their stamina in preparation for the future battles. It wasn’t his final moment though because Vegeta saved him from the verge of elimination.

Vegeta’s plan

The prince of all Saiyans though made it clear that he didn’t mean to save Cabba, but he only did it because he can’t stand seeing a weak Saiyan.

He also wants the boy to take him to Planet Sadala as promised although it won’t happen if Universe 6 gets wiped out. However, the prince vowed to revive the universe through the Super Dragon Balls if he wins. Their master-student relationship didn’t seem to impress Frieza, who challenged Cabba to fight.

Frieza was able to retaliate Cabba’s attacks and managed to knock him out of bounds. Apparently, Champa was furious that the resurrected villain fought off an exhausted fighter. The baddie then promised that he will control all the gods if he wins the tournament in “Dragon Ball Super.”