Dragon Ball Super” has a huge fandom worldwide, and it’s becoming one of the most popular anime series in history. The current Universal Survival Arc is heating up its Tournament of Power, which pits all 80 warriors from eight participating universes at the World of Void. All of them get the chance to prove the Omni-King wrong and that they don’t deserve to get annihilated. The anime’s main protagonist Son Goku is set to fight Universe 11’s strongest Pride Trooper, Jiren The Grey. That said, the Saiyan fighter will transform into a brand new form that is yet to be named, but fans already have their own wild guesses.


What could be the new form’s name?

On Twitter, Toei Animation invited fans to tune into Dragon Ball Super one-hour TV special on October 8, which will cover the climactic battle between Goku and Jiren. It also included one interesting question, asking the fandom to guess the name of Goku’s brand new Super Saiyan transformation. Obviously, fans were quick to share their own guesses including Sage Mode, Yami Goku, SSJ Silver, SSJ Blue, Limit Breaker and the funny Super-Duper Saiyan. There were a lot of them who tried to speculate the possible name of the new form, but one hilarious name seemed to catch our attention.

The funny names of Goku’s new form

“Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan rainbow Kaioken x1000000000 ultra mega 1 million Titan mode gen ki dama Super Bankai God Super Saiyan,” one fan wrote. Ken Xyro, a known translator for “Dragon Ball Super” hilariously wrote on Twitter that the name might be SS Kaio-Ken x20 but the term Kaio-Ken should be written twenty times and not just x20. One of the anime’s voice actor had previously teased that the name is beyond our imagination. Apparently, fans are already stoked with Goku’s brand new SS transformation despite the previous adverts of how he actually looks like in it.


The brand new Super Saiyan transformation

What keeps fans buzzing is the color of Goku’s eyes, which is already silver – something that we haven’t seen before.

A new preview has also been released showcasing the Saiyan fighter while he appears from a blinding white-blue beam in his new look with his usual SS spiked-hair. However, instead of turning it into a different color, his hair remains black. The short footage also shows him charging the Genki Dama a.k.a Spirit Bomb as he attacks Jiren, who seems unfazed by it.

Apparently, the Pride Trooper remains untouchable that even the Kaio-Ken x20 and the Spirit Bomb won’t work on him. This will ultimately lead Goku to transform into his brand new form.


“Dragon Ball Super” Episodes 109 and 110 will be aired on October 8 in Japan and October 7 in North America.