The second half of the Tournament of Power in “Dragon Ball Super” debuted recently with Episode 112. It showed the plight of Universe 6 as they lost two of their best fighters in the tournament. The Legendary Assassin, Hit, was kicked out by Universe 11’s Jiren the Gray in their surreal fight. The team’s de facto leader, Cabba, was eliminated by Universe 7’s Golden Frieza, moments after he was saved by Vegeta from being eliminated. Champa’s team is left with four fighters that belong to two races, the Saiyans, and the Namekians.

Fusion debunked

Interestingly, a new set of spoilers surfaced online revealing some information about Episode 115 of “Dragon Ball Super.” According to this scanned spoiler containing the provisional title of the upcoming episode, the fan-favorite Saiyan of Universe 7 will fight against a warrior named Kefura.


Herms98 translated the Japanese texts into English and discovered that it the term Kefura could be a combination of the two Saiyans’ Japanese name, Kale being Keru in Japanese and Caulifla being Karifura.

Several fans happily jumped to conclusion that earlier spoilers corroborated with the new provisional title on a possibility of a fusion. However, many fans are disappointed about this. Another anime content creator and translator, Ken Xyro, shared the result of an online poll conducted for Japanese fans.

The result leaned to the possibility of not seeing a fusion in the upcoming episodes of the popular anime series. The Twitter celebrity also shared that it is possible that the provisional title could still change.

Herms98 also toyed with the possibility that the term 'Kefura' could be just a name used to call the tag team. However, in most synopsis' previously released, the names of the characters were usually listed except in special cases where there is a fusion. It is worth noting that spoilers usually indicate, Caulifla and Kale, or Goku and Vegeta in illustrating the fighters and not their merged names.


Some fans believe that it the term Kefura could be about the tag teams coordinated movements as they attack Son Goku.

How will they fuse?

With the speculations of a possible Caulifla-Kale fusion, the fans are also talking about the process that the two Saiyans from Universe 6 will undergo to achieve the fusion. Several fans argued that the use of Potara earrings is definitely out of the question since it will disqualify them. Others believe that Goku will teach them the fusion dance. Some others believe that Universe 6 Saiyans could have their own way of fusing since they belong to a different universe.

While there is great potential for the fusion to take place in Episode 115, most fans are hoping that it will not happen. Will Goku teach them the fusion dance in Episode 113 and 114? We will only know the answer as “Dragon Ball Super” continues.