"Dragon Ball Super" fans still can't move on from the elimination of Hit from the Tournament of Power. However, there are fan theories saying that Hit isn't really out of the battle royal. One theory suggests that he just used a strategy to stay in the Tournament of Power.

Everyone saw the power of Jiren even before his match with Goku. But when it was time for Jiren to face Goku, his real power was revealed. Son Goku is the strongest Universe 7 warrior and many are expecting that he would be very hard to defeat.


But compared to Jiren, Goku is indeed weaker.

In fact, Goku needed to take a new form, the Ultra Instinct, in order to defeat Jiren. But he wasn't able to keep that form for a long time which ended with his defeat. Hit then came to face Jiren immediately after Goku lost his match.

But like Goku, Hit was also defeated even though he used his Time Skip. Even his trump card attack was no match to Jiren. Eventually, he was sent out of the ring. He even said that he knew he couldn't defeat Jiren. But is Hit really out of the battle royal?

Why Hit will return

Theories indicate that Hit has a phantom which he used to fight Jiren.

This is because of Hit's ability to play with time. He can store the time that he skipped which allows him to go to a different dimension. Because of that, fans speculate that Hit's real body is in a different dimension and he is trying to figure out how to defeat Jiren.

Fans also notice that Zeno did not press his godpad to indicate that Hit was eliminated. However, Hit isn't the only fighter which was not shown the godpad. This might not indicate that Hit is still in the Tournament of Power. The recently updated profiles of the fighters in Toei Animation's website once again created a buzz that Hit will return.


What the new profiles of fighters say about Hit

According to a Reddit user, he noticed that the card of every eliminated fighter states how they were eliminated. But Hit's profile did not mention that. It only stated that he is a legendary assassin and he had a martial arts match with Goku. It added that Goku had a hard time fighting him because of his time-stopping ability, the Time Skip.

So, does this mean that the strongest warrior of Universe 6 is not yet out of the Tournament of Power? Does it mean that Hit managed to trick Jiren and the rest of the players? Since Zeno did not tap his godpad to eliminate Hit, does it mean that he is aware that the Universe 6 assassin is still part of the tournament? This may also indicate that the most awaited match between Vegeta and Hit might indeed happen in "Dragon Ball Super."