"Dragon Ball Super" fans have been looking forward to the upcoming episodes where the new super-warrior will be revealed. There are many hints pointing to the possibility that Kale and Caulifla will have a fusion. The latest spoilers for episode 114 may even support that.

The ever-reliable translator Todd Blankenship, who goes by the Twitter handle @Herms98 shared some new details about the episode. With the title "Ghastly! Explosive Birth of a New Super Warrior!!," the episode will feature Kale's further grown and great transformation.


Does this mean that she will achieve another level of power?

Episode 114 spoilers

The spoilers further reveal that Kale will be able to control her true power. And this isn't because of Goku or any other fighters. It is because of her desire to be of use to Caulifla. In the latest episode, Kale is shown asking Goku to fight with him. The spoilers for episode 113 state that Kale and Caulifla will fight Goku together.

It is apparent that Caulifla needs the help of Kale because she is facing a strong fighter from Universe 7.

It appears that while fighting, Kale will go Super Saiyan, but this time, she is able to control it. Fans saw how the timid Saiyan went on a rampage on a previous episode, which was stopped by Jiren. During that time, Kale could not control her powers yet, especially as the form was new to her.

Champa intervenes

Aside from that, spoilers further reveal that champa will be teaching them a new secret technique. What could this be? Fans speculate that Champa will teach the female Saiyans how to have a fusion in order to beat Son Goku.


But it is also possible that Champa will teach them something else.

The fandom had been expressing their disappointment over how quick the female Saiyans could achieve a new form. Many also don't like the idea of a fusion between the two Universe 6 fighters and they are pointing out Goten and Trunks. The Saiyan kids were not able to learn the fusion dance all at once. They needed to undergo training before they achieved that. As for Caulifla, it seems incredible that she can immediately get to a Super Saiyan form simply through a tingly back?

Kale and Caulifla, the remaining hope for Universe 6?

We all know that the ace warrior of Universe 6, Hit, was already eliminated.

Cabba, who taught the two female Saiyans how to achieve the form, was also eliminated by Frieza after Vegeta saved him. Because of this, the two female Saiyans need to do their best.

In the latest episode of "Dragon Ball Super," Champa told Cabba to run and hide. He said that since the universe with the most warriors left will win, they can achieve victory by not fighting. Instead, they can just hide and still win. But the spoilers indicate that Champa has another plan.

We will soon find out in "Dragon Ball Super" episode 114 which will air on Nov.