After the intense fight between Goku and Jiren in "Dragon Ball Super" episode 109-110, it is time for universe 6's Hit to face Jiren in episode 111. Like the battle of Goku and the Pride Trooper, it is also an exciting scene wherein two fierce and powerful warriors will face each other.

Everyone saw the power of Jiren during the match but even if it isn't his full power yet, it is obvious that Goku's transformations were no match for him. Hence, Goku was able to achieve a new form, which, unfortunately, did not last long. Will Hit be able to defeat Jiren when Goku's Ultra Instinct form didn't even budge the warrior?

Hit is out!

Hit wants to defeat Jiren especially after he saw his match with Goku.


With that, he attacked the Universe 11 fighter thinking that he won't notice him. But Jiren knew Hit's plan and immediately countered his attacks. Their intense battle begins wherein each one gives their best to defeat each other.

But in the teaser video for "Dragon Ball Super" episode 111, Jiren is seen blasting Hit. The assassin is wide-eyed and screamed while Jiren is trying to bring him out of the Tournament of Power. It appears that the Universe 11 warrior managed to bring Hit down since spoilers for episode 112 reveals that Hit is out of the battle royal.

Other theories reveal that Hit might have killed Jiren during their match which disqualified him from the tournament. But it couldn't be the case since Jiren and Goku will still have a re-match after Jiren's battle with Hit.


Vegeta helps Cabba

With Hit defeated, the strongest fighter of Universe 6 is now out of the battle royal. Although there are strong fighters for Universe 6, it seems their success is slim. The other universes will try to put them down after knowing that they have lost their most powerful fighter. What will happen to Universe 6 now? Will they be erased soon?

In episode 112, Cabba will have a match with Monna and the Saiyan will have a hard time defending himself. Who comes to his rescue? Instead of another Universe 6 warrior, it is Vegeta who will help Cabba. It is noted that the Saiyan Prince trained Cabba to unleash his powers.

Vegeta is hoping that Cabba will be able to apply his teachings and eventually defeat his opponents. But since Vegeta can see that Cabba is having difficulties, he will not hesitate to help him. Vegeta will tell Cabba to fight without regrets.


The Universe 6 warriors

Aside from Cabba, Kale and Caulifla are still there, Cabba will let the female Saiyans face the stronger warriors from other universes. Caulifla might also go berserk again and showcase her immense power. Will she be able to control her powers this time?

In the "Dragon Ball Super" one hour special, fans spotted Namekians in the Tournament of Power. It appears that they are part of the Universe 6 fighters. With this, they might be able to help the universe to defeat their opponents. There are only a few details about these Namekians, with others saying that they could be evil.

Watch the fight between Jiren and Hit on Oct. 15 for episode 111 of "Dragon Ball Super" while episode 112 is set to air on October 22.