The latest episode of "Dragon Ball Super" is scheduled to air on Sunday and early previews have already revealed that Team Universe 6 and Team Universe 7 will team up again to fight common enemies. The highlight of the upcoming episode is Vegeta and Cabba's team-up, which fans hope won't result in something as disappointing as Hit's elimination.

The main event of the Universe Survival Saga arc kicked off months ago and there's still a long way to go even though the Tournament of Power has already reached half-time. After Hit's recent defeat in his fight against Jiren, the other teams are scurrying to eliminate each other as soon as possible.


Team Universe 6 vs. Team Universe 4

While the battle between Hit and Jiren took place, several other battles were also happening. Before Hit dropped out from the battle royal, he entrusted the fate of Universe 6 to his teammates, which help raised their team morale.

Official spoilers from Shounen Jump has revealed that Cabba, who is one of the Saiyans from Universe 6, will be fighting a warrior from Team Universe 4. Heles’s team has been putting up quite well in the Tournament of Power and it’s good to see that the anime will finally feature another warrior from their universe aside from Rebrianne.

The latest official teasers revealed that inDragon Ball Super” episode 112, Cabba will be having difficulty in his fight against Team Universe 4’s Monna. Cabba’s opponent is a round, fat green-skinned humanoid fighter and it seems like she has the ability to grow.

Being able to survive until the last half of the tournament means Monna is also as formidable as Cabba. The official spoilers further revealed that Cabba will actually be overwhelmed by Monna’s fighting prowess, putting him in a very tight spot of getting eliminated soon.


Vegeta to the rescue

However, just when Cabba thinks he’s about to be done and eliminated, Team Universe 7’s Vegeta arrives to save him. Vegeta and Cabba’s relationship goes way back as the former considers the young Saiyan as his disciple.

“Dragon Ball Super” Episode 112 is titled “A Saiyan’s Pledge! Vegeta’s Resolve.” The title of the episode alone hints at the main events of the upcoming episode and hopefully Vegeta teaming up with Cabba will not be a mistake.

Apparently, the duo will be experiencing more hardships as Cabba and the rest of his teammates from Universe 6 become the targets of the other teams.

Hit’s defeat has left Team Universe 6 in a vulnerable position as they’ve lost their ace and one of the strongest warriors in the Tournament of Power.

The Universe Survival Saga arc has been truly unexpected so far with its series of twists and hopefully, Vegeta or Cabba won’t be eliminated yet in this episode. Aside from other teams targeting Cabba, Team Universe 7’s warrior Frieza is also not amused that Vegeta and Cabba have teamed up and despite Frieza’s earlier shocking selfless act, he might just pull something out of the ordinary and put Team Universe 7 in disarray.