Things went back to normal on Dragon Ball Super” after the epic one-hour special that featured the exciting battle between Goku and Jiren. However, the slight loss of momentum doesn’t mean that we won't have any highlight moments in the upcoming episodes.

Now that the Tournament of Power is now on its second half, more exciting things are bound to happen, and in the upcoming episodes, things will divert away from Goku to the other members of Universe 7 like Gohan, Piccolo, Vegeta, and Frieza.

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Will Frieza finally show his true intentions and turn against his teammates?

Gohan and Piccolo Vs. Universe 6 Namekians

In the past episode, the two mystery fighters of Universe 6 has finally revealed themselves as they attacked a curious Goku [VIDEO]behind his back.

Good thing there was Gohan and Piccolo who easily thwarted the attempt and took the Universe 6 Namekians as their next opponents. So far, their names have not been mentioned in the anime, but in some official episode guides, they are named Saoneru and Pirina. They are shocked to see Piccolo who is a Namekian from outside their universe.

According Twitter translator Ken Xyro Toei website revealed that the Universe 6 Namekians are well versed in team battles where both of them uses joint attacks. Sharing a student-teacher bond, Gohan and Piccolo will not let the Universe 6 warriors steal the spotlight when it comes to combination attacks. However, other spoilers claimed that Saoneru and Pirina would fuse together soon enough which is not surprising considering the Nail and Piccolo fusion back in the Frieza saga.

Cabba gets thrashed by Frieza?

In the post-credits preview of the previous episode, we got to see that the next episode will focus on Cabba and Vegeta. It seems that Universe 4 is making a move yet again as their female fighter, Monna goes on a rampage of destruction. Cabba will have difficulty in dealing with Monna’s powerful attacks, and Vegeta will step right in to save him. However, Cabba will have a beating from the princely Saiyan to wake him up and encourage him to fight to be MVP.

Frieza will not be amused with Vegeta’s actions, and things will go from good to worse as Frieza tortures Cabba. Toshio Yoshita, Yamcha’s voice actor even teased fans that Frieza [VIDEO]will not go easy on Cabba as he will go with his Golden form against the poor Saiyan. Yoshita also added that episode 112 is a must-see for fans. For now, let’s just wait and see the next episode of “Dragon Ball Super” that will air on Crunchyroll this Saturday at 7:15 PM CST.