After the epic fight showcased in the one-hour special of “Dragon Ball Super,” fans are excited about the upcoming episode. As revealed in the early leaks, Episode 111 will feature the surreal showdown between two of the most powerful fighters in the multiverse, The Legendary Assassin Hit and the unbelievably powerful Jiren the Gray. The episode will air on October 15 and a new spoiler surfaced recently revealing details of Episode 112. It also spoils the result of the epic battle between Hit and Jiren.

Latest spoilers

On October 12, the ever-reliable Herms98 shared on Twitter the spoilers for Episode 112 of “Dragon Ball Super.” The new spoiler is a scan from the Japanese publication Jump magazine and translated into English by Herms98.


The episode is scheduled to air on October 22 and is titled “A Saiyan’s Pledge, Vegeta’s Resolve.” According to the summary, the Prince of all Saiyans will rescue Universe 6’s Cabba as part of the bond and pride of the Saiyans.

In the spoilers released earlier, it was revealed that Cabba has a tough fight with Super High-Speed Monna of Universe 4. When Cabba is about to get eliminated, Vegeta surprisingly saves him. The Prince of all Saiyans even lectures him to fight like a Saiyan.

Hit is gone

The most interesting detail from the latest spoiler is the revelation that Universe 6 has lost Hit. According to the spoilers, other participating universes in the Tournament of Power are now going after Universe 6 since Hit is gone.


Does this imply that Hit is eliminated in the tournament? Is Jiren the Gray responsible for his elimination? Did Hit take Jiren with him and both of them are already out of the Tournament of Power?

New fighter

Meanwhile, a new mysterious fighter is being hinted at in the latest action figures that will be released for the anime series. The poster contains the action figure of Goku in his Ultra Instinct form and that of a new mysterious figure in a blackout silhouette. While several fans are hinting that the figure could be Hit with his outer clothing removed, it appears that the figure closely resembles Jiren the Gray. The blackout silhouette has a flat chest, slender body, and oblong-shaped head.


It looks like a slender version of Jiren. Other fans are speculating that the figure could be Jiren in another form, maybe of higher power level.

Fans should look forward to Episode 111 of “Dragon Ball Super.” That is when viewers will discover that Hit will be eliminated in the Tournament of Power.