Universe 6 was in huge trouble as their front-man and lead warrior, Hit was eliminated in the Tournament of Power in the previous episode of Dragon Ball Super.” However, the stroke of bad luck for Champa’s team was just beginning as one of their best warriors saw the end of his battle for survival. Episode 112 took a break on focusing on the powerful Jiren the Gray and concentrated on the Saiyans instead. With nobody left to challenge the mighty warrior of Universe 11, will Belmond have the final laugh among the gods?

Universe 7 leads the race

The episode kicked off with a reminder that the Tournament of Power is still bound by a time limit which is already past its half time.


If there is no declared winner once the time limit is over, the universe with the most numbers of survivors left will be hailed as the winner. Upon realizing the message behind the update, the other universes ganged up on Universe 7 which was the front-runner at the time.

Three automatons attacked the recovering Goku, while Gohan and Piccolo handled the Universe 6 Namekians that attempted to backstab Goku. Seeing Goku having trouble with the Universe 3 automatons, Piccolo ordered Gohan to help his father, but Gohan dropped the idea and suggested that they should focus on the enemies in front of them. The Universe 6 Namekians were quite formidable and leaving Piccolo to handle two of them would be a wrong decision.

Master and student bond

The story shifted to Caulifla and Kale who were still recovering and couldn't get over Jiren’s unbelievable power. Suddenly, a warrior from Universe 4 named Monna approached them and challenged them to battle, but as Caulifla was about to get ready, Cabba butted in and took on Monna. However, Monna proved to be too much for Cabba to handle on his own and he nearly ended up eliminated, but for Vegeta. The princely Saiyan was just in time to save Cabba from falling out of the battle arena, and after slapping Cabba back to his senses, Vegeta gave him some sort of a motivation to push him to fight further.


As the Monna-Cabba bout resumed, Cabba learned to access Super Saiyan 2 when Monna ridiculed the Saiyans, especially his Master Vegeta. However, Cabba’s victory was short lived as he got the attention of the loathsome Frieza. The evil emperor put Cabba on the receiving end of his hatred for all Saiyans, and the exhausted Cabba was eliminated as soon as he refused to surrender to a now Golden Frieza. Before the episode ended, Caulifla saved Goku from the onslaught of the Universe 3 automatons and openly challenged Goku for another rematch.

The next installment of Dragon Ball Super will air on Crunchyroll this coming Saturday at 7:15 PM.