The latest episode of Dragon Ball Super” aired on October 22 and its main highlight was the Saiyan warrior from Team Universe 6, Cabba. The young Saiyan’s struggles took over the new episode as he went up against a couple of enemies before getting knocked out.

Since the Omni King and the Grand Priest announced that the Tournament of Power has reached half-time, the arena went through a stage revamp and the tension between the remaining warriors heightened. Pressed for time, the teams are suddenly aiming the current top team, which is Team Universe 7.

Goku vs. Team Universe 3

Dragon Ball Super” episode 112 opened up with Son Goku of Team Universe 7 being ganged up on by warriors from Team Universe 3.


It has been a while since fans have seen any of the robot warriors in action, but only a sneak peek of their three-against-one fight was revealed.

Other teams have targeted Goku since his temporary defeat in his fight against Team Universe 11’s warrior, Jiren. Goku was left severely weakened that if it wasn’t for his teammate Frieza giving him some energy, he probably wouldn’t have recovered much with just 24 minutes left in the battle royal.

Son Gohan, Piccolo vs. Team Universe 6

While Goku’s struggling in his current state against three robot warriors, Piccolo and Son Gohan have their hands full dealing with the Namekians from Team Universe 6. The Namekians named Saonel and Pilina initially went after the weakened Goku but they were intercepted by Team Universe 7’s tag team.


Though the anime has yet to reveal how Gohan and Piccolo are faring against their opponents, Piccolo acknowledged that they’re fighting two strong Namekians. Piccolo and Gohan were able to counterattack with combo moves as well as collaborated techniques.

Cabba vs. Monna and Frieza

The main highlight of the new episode was Cabba and his first bout was against Team Universe 4’s warrior, Monna. The huge green-skinned humanoid was a formidable opponent and her ability to grow made it difficult for Cabba to defeat her.

However, after mustering enough power and attaining a new level of his Super Saiyan transformation, Cabba eliminated Monna. Taking advantage of Cabba’s exhaustion from his long fight with Monna, Frieza of Team Universe 7 jumped right in to challenge Cabba and eliminated the young Saiyan after unleashing his golden form.


Vegeta vs. Toppo

Vegeta is currently the biggest threat in the Tournament of Power after having eliminated the most warriors. Shortly after his brief interaction with Cabba, another Pride Trooper went after Vegeta.

Pride Trooper’s leader named Toppo challenged the Saiyan Prince, but the latter refused because he wasn’t interested in fighting the second fiddle. However, Toppo lured Vegeta into fighting him when the Pride Trooper commented that Vegeta was the same as him, and the second best on his team, which infuriated Vegeta.